Space City!

Houston’s historic underground newspaper

Cover of Space City!, Vol. III, No. 1, June 8, 1971, features the paper’s staff.

Breaking News: Space City! now lives on the Internet Archive.

Space City! Video, a collaboration between New Journalism Project and People’s History in Texas.


Space City! — originally called Space City News — was one of the most important of the “second wave” of the underground newspapers of the ’60s-70s. It was praised for its strong reporting, its power structure research, its groundbreaking art, and its incisive cultural criticism. Space City! helped to pull together an activist and countercultural community in spread-out Houston.

We assembled a near-complete collection of Space City!   with 103 of the 106 issues of the paper during its run from June 5, 1969 to August 3, 1972.  That collection was shipped to Indiana on March 11, 2020 to be scanned, but COVID-19 interrupted the process.  We have been assured that the scanning will resume on June 1, 2020.

Digital images will be available on the Internet Archive and added to Independent Voices, the online collection of alternative newspapers where The Rag can be found as well.New Journalism Project (NJP) is raising funds for the shipping, digitization, and addition of metadata to the images. Once we’ve completed the first stage of this project, we have more plans: a reunion and a book similar to NJP’s Celebrating the Rag: Austin’s Iconic Underground Newspaper.

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If you can, help us locate three missing issues.  A photo gallery of Space City! covers can be viewed on Flickr: