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Texas Public Schools : State-Mandated Ignorance

‘The report, Just Say Don’t Know: Sexuality Education in Public Schools, studied materials from 990 Texas school districts and found that 94% of the districts use “abstinence-only programs that usually pass moral judgments while either downplaying or ignoring contraception and … finish reading Texas Public Schools : State-Mandated Ignorance

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BushCo’s Abstinence-Only Program: A Bit Less Than Successful

New research shows that, whether or not they wear purity rings or make other pledges that they will protect their virginity, more than half of American teenagers become sexually active before they get married. Photo: Jonathan Dyer/Hilton Head Island Packet … finish reading BushCo’s Abstinence-Only Program: A Bit Less Than Successful

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Abstinence Only : Sex Education as Politics

Annual funding for abstinence-only is close to $175 millionBy Scott Murray / October 1, 2008 When Alfred Kinsey published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, he included a stern word of caution to his readers: “as long as … finish reading Abstinence Only : Sex Education as Politics

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