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Far Right Makes Big Gains in European Elections

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP in Great Britain, celebrates as results are announced at Manchester Town Hall. Griffin has a criminal conviction for incitement likely to cause racial hatred. Photo by Dave Thompson / PA.Hard right on the move … Continue reading

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BOOKS / Eric Boehlert’s ‘Bloggers on the Bus’

It’s a very fast, entertaining read, and since it focuses (almost) exclusively on the liberal blogosphere it mostly avoids the sense of triumphalism you might get in a more partisan book. By Kevin Drum If you’re interested in the political … Continue reading

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Keith Joseph : Communication on the Left Must Embrace the New Technology

Hawker sells the Revolutionary Woker at a 2003 New York anti-war protest. Photo from asparagirl’s photoblog.Newspaper Hawkers, Websites, and Plans for Revolutionary Organization By Keith Joseph / The Rag Blog / April 20, 2009 One of the great curiosities of … Continue reading

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Democrats Are Letting Net Neutrality Die

Graphic from techrepublican. [Network neutrality is a principle proposed for residential broadband networks and potentially for all networks. A neutral broadband network is one that is free of restrictions on content, sites, or platforms, on the kinds of equipment that … Continue reading

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Time Warner Singles Out Geek-Rich Austin for Metered Broadband Trial

Penny-pinching broadband. Graphic from DVICE.com Austin is not a city that takes its broadband lightly. It’s home to supercomputers, digital media studios and online gaming companies. Thanks to that, it’s now a microcosm for a battle against consumption-based broadband attempts … Continue reading

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Seattle P-I Becoming First Internet Only Newspaper

Roger Oglesby, right, of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, announced the paper’s final print edition. Photo: Dan DeLong/Seattle Post-Intelligencer, via Associated Press.Seattle Paper Shifts Entirely to the WebBy William Yardley and Richard Pérez-Peña / March 16, 2009 SEATTLE — The Seattle Post-Intelligencer … Continue reading

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Online Porn : Conservative Americans are Biggest Users

‘Some of the people who are most outraged turn out to be consumers of the very things they claimed to be outraged by,’ says Benjamin Edelman of Harvard. By Ewen Callaway / February 27, 2009 Americans may paint themselves in … Continue reading

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FCC : The Controversial Legacy of Chairman Martin

FCC Chair Kevin Martin leaves a mixed legacy.‘“For a deregulator, he was amazingly pro-consumer in his interventions,” said Gene Kimmelman, of Consumers Union. “Nobody thought he was going to be like this.”’ By John Dunbar / January 15, 2009 WASHINGTON … Continue reading

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Copyright Protection or Censorship? : YouTube Shuts Down Film Critic

Still from Yi Yi (2000, Edward Yang)on Kevin Lee’s website.‘It seems as if perfectly lawful clips are being silenced at the whim of copyright owners who don’t like the thought of anyone other than themselves posting content.’by Wendy Davis / … Continue reading

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Obama : A Healthy Use of the Internet

The health-care mobilization taking shape before Obama even takes office will include online videos, blogs and e-mail alerts as well as traditional public forums. Already, several thousand people have posted comments on health on the Obama transition Web site. By … Continue reading

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Obama and a Brave New World : Governing a Netroots Nation

Obama addresses journalism convention in July, 2008. Photo by Jennifer Dronkers / Unity News.‘Obama isn’t just trying to make government more transparent by posting online videos of himself or his transition team’s doings. He is attempting to organize his campaign … Continue reading

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Group Seeks Web-Savvy, More Open Government

‘First and foremost, the group wants Obama to reverse the policies of the Bush administration regarding the handling of public records.’By Lyndsey Layton / November 12, 2008 The incoming Obama administration needs to use the Internet to publish reams of … Continue reading

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