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Hey Naomi Klein : You and What Movement?

Barack Obama, community organizer.You and What Movement?A Response to Naomi Klein Revealing a bizarre contempt and college-educated condescension toward a vast multi-racial swathe of progressive supporters and sympathizers of Obama and his movement, Klein seeks to explain us away as … Continue reading

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Judy Gumbo Albert : It’s ‘Celebrate 60s Radicals’ Week!

Judy Gumbo with (left) Stew Albert and Jerry Rubin, May, 1971. Photo from yippiegirl.com.In California this week, book signings, an historic poster exhibition, a theatrical event and a ‘Champion of Justice’ award all shine a light on Sixties activists and … Continue reading

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Keith Joseph : Communication on the Left Must Embrace the New Technology

Hawker sells the Revolutionary Woker at a 2003 New York anti-war protest. Photo from asparagirl’s photoblog.Newspaper Hawkers, Websites, and Plans for Revolutionary Organization By Keith Joseph / The Rag Blog / April 20, 2009 One of the great curiosities of … Continue reading

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Franklin Rosemont, Surrealist Author, Artist and Activist, 1943-2009

Franklin Rosemont at Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) National Convergence in Chicago, November 9-11, 2007. Photo by Thomas Good / Next Left Notes.Franklin Rosemont, surrealist revolutionary, died Sunday, April 12, at the age of 65. Franklin, 65, came from … Continue reading

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Kisseloff: A Review of Warren Beatty’s ‘Reds’

Illustration by Hugo Gellert. Source: Wikipedia.Remembering a Red From RedsBy Jeff Kisseloff / March 5, 2009 The other day I sat in front of my TV watching Warren Beatty’s Reds with tears in my eyes–not because I was so moved … Continue reading

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Unions and the Left : A Million March in France Against Sarkozy

An anti-government demonstration in Bordeaux Jan. 29, 2009. Photo by Getty Images. The US mainstream media did not even approach this kind of coverage. Of course the left-center European press — like The Independent and Le Monde — is much … Continue reading

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A Compendium of Leftist Children’s Literature

“Mr. His,” by A. Redfield (a k a Syd Hoff), 1939. From “Tales for Little Rebels.”Children of the Left, Unite!By Caleb Crain / January 9, 2009 Financial behemoths have been nationalized. The government is promising to spend liberally to combat … Continue reading

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Paul Buhle : An ‘Obama Force’ (Swords into Plowshares)

“Beating Swords into Plowshares.” Photo by I Like.For an ‘Obama Force’(Aka a foreign policy note from the Left)By Paul Buhle / The Rag Blog / January 3, 2009 The blogosphere is now thick with foreign policy discussions about the impending … Continue reading

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Athens Shooting Fuels Anarchist Riots

A vitrine at Athens main commercial district is smashed by Greek youth following a deadly police shooting of a teenager last night, in central Athens, Dec. 7, 2008. Photo by Louisa Gouliamaki / AFP / Getty Images. A firefighter tries … Continue reading

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Obama and the Left : Shout Loud and Clear

Paraphrasing Joe Hill: ‘Don’t mourn Obama’s leanings — organize to push him the other way…’‘I think to a large extent, we ought to stop discussing whether Obama is being “good” or “bad” and focus on the POLICIES we want his … Continue reading

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Tim Wise : Obama’s Victory and the Rage of the Barbiturate Left

Member of the “joyless left.” Now in the wake of Barack Obama’s victory these barbiturate leftists are back in full effect, lecturing the rest of us about how naive we are for having any confidence whatsoever in him, or for … Continue reading

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Thorne Dreyer : Our Progressive Opportunity

New Start / mogallery.com.‘Millions have been newly engaged and motivated as a result of the recent electoral process and most are not traditional players who automatically buy in to the traditional assumptions.’By Thorne Dreyer / The Rag Blog / November … Continue reading

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