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Norman Pagett : Cheap Food, Our Grand Illusion

It takes oil, and lots of it, to move our food. Image from Center for a Liveable Future. Cheap food, our grand illusion We built an industrial civilization on cheap oil, but now we’ve burned it all. We only have … Continue reading

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Norman Pagett and Josephine Smit : Grain of Truth

Image from UCL. Grain of truth:Our precarious food supply Global food production has been allowed to fall into the hands of fewer and fewer megacorporations, and their aims are simple: to deliver short-term profits and ultimately to control the entire … Continue reading

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Norman Pagett and Josephine Smit : Can We ‘Downsize’ and Survive?

Sewers under construction, north bank of the Thames looking west. Image from End of More. The end of more:Can we ‘downsize’ and survive? We continue to delude ourselves that ‘downsizing’ will somehow allow us to carry on with our current … Continue reading

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Detroit By Norman Pagett / The Rag Blog / July 26, 2013 While numerous explanations and opinions are being bandied around concerning the demise of Detroit, few are prepared to accept the brutal truth that it represents the reality that … Continue reading

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