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Alice Embree : Here’s to the Soldiers of Fort Hood

Jackie Thomas at Under the Hood Coffeehouse near Ft. Hood. Photo by Cynthia Thomas / The Rag Blog. Thoughts of Charles Whitman on the tower,And the soldiers who come back broken from war Bring the troops home and take care … Continue reading

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You’re in the Army Now : Despair, Dissent and Refusal

‘Bad apple?’ Soldier with peace symbol on his helmet patrols south of Baghdad, Feb. 4, 2008. Photo by Maya Alleruzzo / AP.Refusing to comply:The tactics of resistance in an all-volunteer military Present-day G.I. resistance to the occupations of Iraq and … Continue reading

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Austin : Eyewitness Accounts from Winter Soldiers for Peace

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. Austin, Texas, Feb. 28, 2009. Photo by Carlos Lowry / The Rag Blog.Winter Soldiers for Peace After three more decades of aggressions upon foreign soils, brigades of Veterans for Peace (VFP) and Vietnam Veterans against … Continue reading

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Winter Soldier : GI’s Against the War Tell Their Stories

Winter Soldier: February 28, Austin, Texas The Winter Soldier event provides an opportunity for peace activists and veterans to come together in common cause. These current wars, as with Vietnam, are waged in our name and funded by our tax … Continue reading

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David Zeiger : Did the GI Movement End the Vietnam War?

Updated July 26, 2008 G.I. dissenters in David Zeiger’s documentary “Sir! No Sir!”. Photo courtesy of Displaced Fillms.And What is the real legacy of the GI Coffeehouses?By David Zeiger / The Rag Blog / July 25, 2008 David Zeiger is … Continue reading

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