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Johnny Hazard :
The turbulence in Mexico continues

Omama blames drug dealers for what happened to the students at Ayotzinapa, but Mexican protesters still say, ‘Fue el estado: it was the government.’ By Johnny Hazard | The Rag Blog | January 20, 2015 Parents confront the army before … Continue reading

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Philip L. Russell : Mexican Elections Widen Political Chasm

Members of #yosoy132 protest alleged election fraud in Mexico. Image from Center for International Policy.The Mexican elections:Decision and division The court decision once again showed how divided Mexico is and how inured to election violations its population is. By Philip … Continue reading

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Philip L. Russell : Who Won the Mexican Election?

Protesters from Yosoy132 hold a mock funeral for “domocracia” during march in Mexico City, Saturday, July 14. Photo by Bernardo Montoya / Reuters.An observers’ manual:Who won the Mexican election? Charges of vote-buying and exceeding campaign spending limits notwithstanding, there are … Continue reading

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Philip L. Russell : The PRI and the Mexican Spring

Frontrunner Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico’s PRI on the campaign trail. Image from The Washington Post.The Return of the PRI and the Mexican Spring The big surprise of the first debate was how well Peña Nieto was able to respond … Continue reading

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