America, Incorporated, L.L.C.

we built this business up from scratch
with all the real estate we snatched
we used resources down the hatch
with all the labor we could catch
mythologized confabulated
America, Incorporated

for a new place did real well
lots of smokes and folks to sell
way far from god but what the hell
surprise there’s a crack in the Liberty Bell
mammon worshipped freedom jaded
America, Incorporated

needed more land
so to expand
all we could stand
oh ain’t it grand
to be armed well-situated
with native people nearly exterminated
I guess genocide was predestinated for
America, Incorporated

took our place astride the earth
took the place for all it’s worth
impoverishing the world free traded
cause feudalism was underrated
and not nearly as well-remunerated
as guzzling belching satiated
America, Incorporated

we started fresh a new creation
left behind our aggravation
tried to be enlightened nation
with political salvation
ended up fast food plantation
pornographic war sensation
and thought by most an indignation

America, the Corporation
with corporate donors laws donated
never treaty obligated
always right exonerated
never wrong simply fixated
a glowing example irradiated
America, Incorporated

evil’s real, inaugurated
jingoists intoxicated
war high priests how loud they’ve prayed
for an armageddon how long they’ve waited
craving to be expiated
America, Incorporated

truth was switched and freedom baited
people die while targets are graded
whose jugular is the next to be slated
what poor little nation to be devastated
while democracy watches infatuated
and who’s not to say way too elated
then sleeps it off somnambulated
America, Incorporated

is real liberty just imitated
with freedom vaunted yet freedom crated
and protest cautious and sedated
despite the plans to be cremated
the 21st century for this we waited
dithering blithering and bloviated
America, Incorporated
slithering withering misappropriated
America, Incorporated
America, Incorporated
America, In Corpus Delicti We Trust

America, Incorporated, L.L.C.

Larry Piltz 2006-08
Indian Cove, Austin, Texas

Posted June 1, 2008 / The Rag Blog

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3 Responses to America, Incorporated, L.L.C.

  1. Terrific. Now if we can just get Willie or Kristofferson or Neil Young to set it to music and record it.

    For that matter, have 50 cent do a rap version, too.

  2. Doug Zachary says:


    Wow! What a Prayer; what a Blessing for the Resistance.

    Kris K is a member of Veterans for Peace (my employer). I’m forwarding this to him, although there us no reason to believe that he would read everything I send.

    Actually, I like the 50 cent suggestion, or Steve Earle, or some other young(er) person and style. Or both … and … ?

    I am also sending this out to the 100-odd chapter contacts in VFP. It will get a wide reading, probably short of what it deserves.

    Doug Zachary

  3. BalconesFalk says:

    Good one, Thorne. I appreciate your posting it and for alerting us on the ghetto list. Another thing I’d like is a link to use to forward it. Is that something that could be added to this most professional looking venue?
    Thanks for creating the RagBlog.
    Congratulations on work well done.

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