Kate Braun : Problems Are Revealed During Balsamic Moon

Balsamic Moon. Photo by oceandesetoiles / Flickr.

Moon Musings:

Waning Balsamic Moon

(August 23-25, 2011)

By Kate Braun / The Rag Blog / August 22, 2011

The Balsamic Moon phase is when problems are revealed, but not a time when they are solved. To go for a “quick fix” is likely not to be profitable, as it will be a superficial solution that really is no solution, especially with Pluto retrograde until Sept. 16 and Chiron retrograde until November 9.

These retrogrades prompt us to notice what we have been neglecting, with the intention of rectifying the neglect, and recognizing our imperfections so that we can grow in positive ways. I recommend being content for the moment with identifying the matters requiring resolution. The waxing moon phases will be the time to make plans for the future, look ahead, and open yourself to change.

As with any waning moon phase, this is a good time to stir uncertainty and confusion out of the mix because it is a time for psychic clearing. You may find yourself being more aware of disturbing emotional tides at this moon phase, which could be because you are paying more attention to the things you are deciding to change in your life.

Be aware that you may find habits, relationships, and/or jobs that have soured and need to be not just “fixed” but released. As you perform your rituals for banishing negative energy, you should find yourself becoming more relaxed and calm.

It is said that a wish made at the Balsamic Moon is more likely to come true because needs are felt more deeply at this time. The more deeply a need is felt, the more invocative energy goes into the Moon rituals and the more likely the need will be met, especially if that need involves letting go of negativity.

Sea water can be an important element to incorporate into your moon ritualing. Sea salts (not table salt) dissolved in tap water are an acceptable substitute for sea water, and the dissolving should be complete before you charge the water.

There are several methods that can be used to charge water with the energy relevant to your purpose. You may stir the water with a crystal (clockwise if you seek to attract something to you, counterclockwise if you are releasing something), you may hold your hands over the water and visualize energy flowing through you into the water as you contemplate the intent of your actions, you may hold the container of water in your hands and breathe upon in gently as you visualize your intent blending with the water.

These are only a few suggestions and, as with most magickal workings, the ritual you create by and for yourself is likely to be more powerful than a ritual you merely copy. Charging water is rather like using Reiki: the energy flows through you but does not drain you, it enters the water and causes the water to become energized with your intent. Unused charged water may be bottled and saved in the refrigerator for future use, but be sure to label the bottle with the date and the intention of the charging!

Herbs and wood chips may be soaked in the charged water, then allowed to dry before being used as incense in your celebration. Please respect any burn bans in your area and be sure to do any incense-burning in a flame-proof container such as a cast-iron cauldron. Never leave a fire unattended.

In the garden (if your garden has not shriveled in the Texas heat), this is the time to weed out what you don’t want to grow, trim or lop branches that overhang roofs or gardens too much. It is not a time for planting, however!

Given the current daytime high temperatures, I recommend commencing your rituals after the sun has set. Be sure to eat something, but take care to not let yourself become heavy with food. Cheese and bread or crackers, fruits, finger sandwiches, water, herb tea, fruit punch, bite-size quiches, cookies, frozen yogurt: these are all foods that will sustain your energy without compromising your concentration.

I urge you to be sure to drink plenty of water, even after the sun sets. Dehydration happens in dark as well as daylight. I also urge you to wear lightweight loose clothing preferably made of natural fibers such as cotton. A swingy spaghetti-strapped cotton sundress is likely to feel more comfortable than tight shorts and a body-hugging spandex-polyester top.

A Balsamic Moon is said to relate to healing and rest, since it is the last phase before the New Moon. It is also said to relate to one’s commitment to destiny. You might want to consult an astrologer to learn more about how this moon phase relates to your destiny.

[Kate Braun‘s website is www.tarotbykatebraun.com. She can be reached at kate_braun2000@yahoo.com. Read more of Kate Braun’s writing on The Rag Blog.]

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