Kate Braun : Waxing Crescent Moon Is Time to Clarify Your Focus

Waxing crescent moon. Image from Missouri Skies / EarthSky.

Moon Musings:
Waxing Crescent Moon
(April 12-14, 2013)

As Lady Moon progresses to fullness, your goals should also progress to completion.

By Kate Braun | The Rag Blog | April 8, 2013

The waxing moon is a time to promote growth, to focus on increasing whatever it is that you would like to see increase in your life, to clarify focus and set short-term goals to accomplish in this moon-cycle, to begin new projects. For gardeners, it is time to plant or transplant above-ground crops. You could easily incorporate planting seeds or transplanting young plants into their permanent location into your celebrations as it is best to begin your activities at sundown.

You may honor any virgin-goddess deities at this time. As Lady Moon progresses to fullness, your goals should also progress to completion, even as the seeds planted in this moon-phase germinate and send their stems up through the soil.

April 12 and 13, Lady Moon is in Taurus. Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, has strong influence on home and the home environment. Should you choose to honor the Waxing Crescent Moon on either of these days, your actions of intention should focus on good health, the state of your home, finances (stocks and real estate as well as savings accounts and IRAs), and a general sense of security.

If you choose to celebrate the Waxing Crescent Moon on Friday, April 12, use the color green, the elements earth and water, and repeat your chant seven times. Remember that in addition to love, Venus, who oversees Fridays, also manages all household matters, including finances and savings account balances.

April 13, Saturday, is Saturn’s day. If this is a better day for your celebration, use the color black and repeat your chants three times. Keep in mind that Saturn is currently retrograde, not going direct until July 7, 2013.

When planets retrograde, they appear to be moving backwards across the sky and the energy they promote is opposite of what it usually is. Saturn, one of the big outer planets, is fond of boundaries, organization, and structure. Normally cautious, when he retrogrades we find ourselves facing blockages and difficulties that can lead us to inaction rather than progress, no matter how slow that progress might be. For this reason it will be wise to prepare carefully and thoroughly if Saturday, April 13, is the best day for you to honor the Waxing Crescent Moon.

April 14, Sunday, Lady Moon is in Gemini. Gemini is a mutable Air sign. This day is best used to focus on matters involving communication, writing, studies, relatives, and methods to better influence others. On Sundays, Lord Sun’s influence is strong. Use the color yellow, be sure to light some candles to bring in the Fire element, and repeat your chant 6 times.

Chants or incantations can be as short or as lengthy as you choose. I recommend thinking in advance of what your intention is and frame your chant or incantation with that intention firmly in mind. To say “I am safe, my home is secure, my savings are increasing, my future is bright” is only one example.

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