Ric Sternberg Video : Million Musician March for Peace, Part 3

The Million Musician March:
STILL Keeping Austin Weird

By Ric Sternberg / The Rag Blog / May 5, 2009

Part 3 of the 2009 Million Musician March trilogy is now up and running.

[The 2009 Million Musician March for Peace, an Austin tradition, took place on March 21, 2009. Organized by Instruments for Peace and led by Hippie legend Wavy Gravy, over 200 performing musicians and friends paraded through downtown Austin and held musical rallies at City Hall and the State Capitol.]

It consists of an invocation by Wavy Gravy, followed by excerpts from songs by the always amazing Guy Forsythe, Carolyn Wonderland and Shelley King. These are three of the most powerful and soulful voices that this town full of good voices has to offer. Their choices of songs are inspirational – gospel-freedom songs that take me back to my days walking the line with CORE. And they ROCK. Please check them out.

Please check out parts 1 & 2 also. Part 1 has excerpts from the pre-march performances at the Texas Capital building. Part 2 has bits of the march itself, featuring the (all-inclusive) New Orleans style Jericho marching band and rock and roll from folks grouped around Bill Oliver’s mobile shopping cart PA system. Each of the pieces runs close to 10 minutes, which is the YouTube limit. The three together make up one complete 30 minute musical documentary.

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