Sarah Louise : A Reality Check List

Sarah Louise, cover girl: Easy to look at, but…

‘Eight years of one socially inept moron has caused enough international cringing wouldn’t you think?’
By Larry Ray
/ The Rag Blog / October 22, 2008

Sarah Louise, as she would be called if she was a Southern girl, is real easy to look at. A great talker too, an animated, articulate beauty queen. Sarah Palin’s good looks and personality, plus her huge drive for power and control have made her mayor of a small town in Alaska and ultimately the Governor of that state for the past 22 months. Now she could possibly be Vice President of the USA. It is time for a voter reality check list. Would you vote for any Vice Presidential candidate who:

* Was plucked from relative obscurity and offered as a candidate less than two months before you are to vote, and who refused to release any medical records whatsoever?

* Who has been cloistered from the press except for a couple of national interviews which showed embarrassing ignorance of basic facts, a clueless inability to answer even softball questions and who thinks the Vice President, “Runs the Senate?”

* Who has recently been judged by bipartisan peers to have abused power as a State Governor and who is under continuing investigation for alleged petty and personal pressuring of underlings and other actions?

* A person about whom you really know nothing at all except the carefully orchestrated campaign hoopla and that he or she can easily reel off lies, half truths and the nastiest rabid fear mongering character assassination in recent Republican history?

* A mother of five children, with three of them still adolescents and one of those a Down Syndrome baby who demands extra special parental care?

* A fundamentalist, glossolalia speaking Pentecostal, whose teen aged daughter will be giving birth to a bastard child unless a rushed up wedding can be planned right after the election? Would it dare be a White House wedding if the the candidate won?

Now, imagine the Veep and her oilfield worker hubby, who lacks a college degree, in the real world of white tie state dinners making small talk with learned dignitaries and leaders from around the world. Eight years of one socially inept moron has caused enough international cringing wouldn’t you think?

Senator McCain’s desperate, cynical selection of Sarah Palin should be reason enough to run like you had seen a pink snake if asked to vote Republican. But as a final test, take McCain and Palin’s own campaign key words and hold them both up to those claims. If you think they pass then go to the polls with a clear conscience:

. . .Transparency – Leadership – Responsible Change – Ready on Day One . . .

Ready to vote now?

[Retired journalist Larry Ray is a Texas native and former Austin news anchor. He also posts at The iHandbill.]

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5 Responses to Sarah Louise : A Reality Check List

  1. Mike Hanks says:

    The issues raised about Sara Palin are valid and troubling. And I applaud your research and orderly presentation. It covers the principal objections to her candidacy comprehensively. When we remember that the very first Vice President of the United States was John Adams it really draws a contrast with our current choices.

    However, and give me a moment to move my soapbox onto the pavement, I really believe in the cause of good government, social justice, free love, and nickel beer, believe me I do. But there is an issue that I have been reflecting upon for some time now – that is the way we assail the opposition.

    It seems to me there is some merit in considering the way in which we couch our criticism. Some ideas that have occurred to me are: avoiding personal and vitriolic attacks, avoiding heavily charged adjectives, and avoiding statements, that if made towards us, would be hurtful.

    Why? These people are the enemy. If allowed to, they would destroy the world that we carriers of the light would all like to see. The reason is this: there is already enough conflict in the world. Let us make our points without escalating the conflict. Isn’t that really the answer to the the problems in the Middle east and even here at home? This is a tall order, requiring us to sit high in the saddle.

    But if we who see the brighter light can’t lead the way, I despair for our country, our society, and the world. We need heroes.

  2. Thank you for your reasoned and valid observations. I agree that bile and vitriol as an end unto themselves in a commentary are of no use. Satirical jabs and careful parsed wording can, however, in my view add color and flavor to keep an interested reader with you. This isn’t a term paper. Describing with strong, colorful adjectives the exact actions of Ms. Palin’s hate speak to incite large crowds is not meant to hurt her feelings. She knows what she is doing, and why she is doing it. The golden rule is not in play here and it is hard to “couch” my comments when all I am doing is focusing on danger anyone can see on their TV set. I see the brighter light, Mike, and this article seeks to try to make sure we don’t swap it for a dimwit with frighteningly dark views.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The merits of your article have already been applauded. I appreciate your fine writing, wit and research. However, using the word “bastard” to describe the unborn child seemed mean and unnecessary.

    Elizabeth Brant, Seattle

  4. Anonymous,
    I spared Ms. Palin’s soon to be grandchild no more politically correct appellation than that afforded King William I of England.

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