Speaking Tea Bag : English as a Second Language

Graphic statement by Larry Ray / The Rag Blog

The Rag Blog / Sept. 23, 2009

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3 Responses to Speaking Tea Bag : English as a Second Language

  1. Tom Davis says:

    And there’s the ever-popular “Youth in Asia Will Kill Your Grandmother” (actually seen at a rally of the dodos).

  2. Pollyanna says:

    Hey — I thought I’d originated that one with a bumper sticker design that says “I Support Youth’n’Asia — What’s the Problem?”

    But this is really another example of the utter failure of our educational system to pass on the very “white Anglo-Saxon Protestant values” the tea-baggers mourn –like readin’. ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic. “Fonix fuct yew upp!”

    Yes, god bless Fox for keeping us infromed — thanks, Larry — this is truly “pricless”!

    (Thorne, see, you are really totally mainstream, honey-bun!) lol

  3. JoJo says:

    anyone remember the minuteman with his “racsits go home” sign?

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