Tom Hayden Comic : Partial Peace, Looming War

Partial Peace, Looming War
Text by Tom Hayden.
Illustrated by Sam Marlow and Ellis Rosen. Edited by Paul Buhle.

Published by The Rag Blog.


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[Tom Hayden, a prime mover in the Sixties New Left, was a California State Senator. A respected activist and author, he was a founder of Progressives for Obama and is the author of Ending the War in Iraq (2007), The Voices of the Chicago Eight (2008), and Writings for a Democratic Society, the Tom Hayden Reader (2008).]

[Sam Marlow and Ellis Rosen are graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Together they self-published two comics. Marlowe also worked as a digital colorist for Chicago comic artist, Paul Hornshemeier, on titles such as “The Three Paradoxes”, and Marvel Comics’ “Omega the Unknown.” He recently completed a short science fiction comic about the end of the world. He is currently volunteering at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. Rosen lives in NewYork where he also works part time at the Barry Friedman Gallery.]

[Paul Buhle is an educator and a historian. He published the New Left journal Radical America during the 1960s and has written or edited many books on radicalism and culture. He now organizes leftwing comic books.]

Please see “Iraqis Bear Tragedy of American Empire” by Tom Hayden, a Rag Blog comic, with an introduction titled “Comic art is growing up” by Paul Buhle / The Rag Blog / April 7, 2009.

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