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The plazas are empty, swept clean of debris,
smug analyses already written.
Elections are coming, everyone run to see:
is it Newton? or El Ron? or Mittens?

But out of the glare of the media stare,
the knowledge unerringly spreads:
the old ways are broken, the people have spoken,
and a new generation now treads
lightly as snowflakes, deeper than earthquakes,
firmly they step to the fore;
unafraid of each other, knowing Earth as their mother,
occupying tomorrow’s far shore.

As spring comes around, let us welcome the sound
of our children all rising as one!
Step away from the past! Find a way that can last!
Our survival demands that we yearn
not for privileged wealth, but for happiness, health,
and a sense of creation and worth.
If no one is greedy, no one must be needy —
let a new age bring forth peace on earth!

The plazas are empty, swept clean of debris,
but the rising continues to roll.
When the people come out, and again raise a shout,
trust your kids, not some fake Fox News poll!

Mariann G. Wizard / The Rag Blog
February 14, 2012

[Mariann G. Wizard, a Sixties radical activist and contributor to The Rag, Austin’s underground newspaper from the 60s and 70s, is a poet, a professional science writer specializing in natural health therapies, and a regular contributor to The Rag Blog. Read more poetry and articles by Mariann G. Wizard on The Rag Blog.]

The Rag Blog

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2 Responses to VERSE / Mariann G. Wizard : Hiatus

  1. Anonymous says:

    T’would that the new generation could “find a way that (could) last”..
    “Let a new age bring forth peace on earth!”
    Hear, Hear!!
    Good Stuff!!

  2. Gilleez says:

    Oh how lovely, Mariann. Yes the issues today are not so much political as machines vs “knowing Earth as their mother”. Thank you.

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