Moon Musings:
Waning Crescent Moon
(November 19 – 22, 2011)

By Kate Braun / The Rag Blog / November 15, 2011

The waning crescent moon is a good moon phase to use to tie up loose ends and to consolidate experiences and resources in preparation for the new cycle that begins with the next Full Moon.

It’s all about healing and rest, and is a time to recognize and release old patterns of belief and behavior that are holding us back from easily meeting whatever challenges are now facing us. This is a time of psychic clearing, of sifting out uncertainty and confusion.

When we remember that 2011 is all about change and remember also that the result of the changes won’t be clear until 2012, the need to evaluate where we’ve been and what we’ve tried becomes a more important feature of this moon-phase observance.

Just as this is a good time to physically weed a garden, lop branches that overhang roofs, and trim away dead tree limbs (especially if they are in danger of falling onto houses, cars, or people), it is also a good time for pondering the possibilities and probabilities as we study where we’ve been and what we’ve done and what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Desires are more likely to be fulfilled if the way is clear.

Lore says that a wish made at this moon phase is more likely to come true because needs are felt more deeply during this moon phase. The more deeply a need is felt, the more invocative energy goes into the moon cycle and the more likely this need will be met.

However, it might be better to phrase your wishes by saying “I desire,” rather than “I wish for,” or “I want.” Frequently the phrase “I wish” or “I want” reinforces a sense of not having; the result can be the opposite of what you intend. The phrase “I desire,” on the other hand, generates a different sort of energy and can draw whatever it is to you rather than emphasize that it is not present. I thank Sara Pencil Blumenthal for this bit of insight.

Lore also says if a young woman dreams of the moon growing dimmer, she should mind her sharp tongue, lest happiness elude her, but to dream of a clear moon indicates success. You may find it helpful to keep a notepad and pen near where you sleep so that you can record your dreams. Much can be learned from studying dreams: patterns can be recognized, trends can be spotted, sources of negativity can be identified. You, not a purchased dream interpretation book, are the best source for defining the symbolism in your dreams.

Keep in mind that at this moon phase problems are revealed but not solved. Seeing the problem or difficulty is likely to be easy, but give yourself time to consider possible solutions before acting; a too-quick fix will be superficial and is likely to work against a true understanding of all the possibilities.

And there is a Jupiter retrograde (until December 28) to consider as well. Jupiter retrograde makes it very easy to see negatives, to tally up all the reasons that a project won’t work, that it should never have been undertaken in the first place. I recommend taking some extra time to strengthen your connection to Spirit while Jupiter retrogrades. It won’t hurt and it could help a lot. The Big Thing is to lay the groundwork for what you plan to accomplish in the next Moon cycle.

If you honor the Waning Crescent Moon on Saturday, November 19, wear black (for lead, the metal associated with Saturn), make sure you are in contact with Mother Earth, and state your desires seven times. Saturn’s energy is useful in rituals that promote self-discipline.

If you choose Sunday, November 20, use the color Yellow (for the Sun), make sure to incorporate fire in your ceremonies, and state your desires six times. Use Sun energy for money, health, and friendship-related matters

On Monday, November 21, emphasize Lady Moon with Silver, either as a color or by wearing much silver jewelry. Have containers of water (the Moon’s element) indicate the boundaries of your ceremonial area and state your desires nine times. Use Moon energy to make rituals for inspiration, change, increased psychic ability

On Tuesday, November 22, Mars’ day, wear red to represent the element Fire and make sure Fire is present. Candles or an oil lamp will do nicely. State your desires five times as you use Mars energy to make rituals for overcoming enmity, developing courage, protecting property.

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