1. I’ve seen your name cited as being one of the original Rag founders and contributors — can you recall any specific details leading up to the decision to start the paper? Did you write for The Daily Texan beforehand? Were you a student at UT at this time?
2. How, in your opinion, did the Rag compare to other early underground papers?
3. Where was the Rag office (I understand it was originally published out of an old house near campus but then moved to a location on the Drag…the YMCA?) Can you describe what the office was like?
4. In retrospect, how, in your opinion, do you think the Rag was an agent of change for the times?
5. And, since my thesis is centered around the Drag, can you describe for me how the street played into this — how did it feel? How did it look? Who hung out there? Was there a sense of community on the Drag? Can you think of any specific instances involving the Drag that were memorable?

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