Renowned photojournalist Alan Pogue will be inducted into the Austin Arts Hall of Fame on June 7.

Pogue was staff photographer for Austin’s underground newspaper The Rag from 1971-1977, and has been a frequent contributor to The Rag Blog. His work has appeared in major magazines and newspapers, including Newsweek, Look, Texas Monthly, the L.A. Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the International Herald Tribune, and he has been an important contributor to the Texas Observer for four decades.

Alan’s photographs have appeared in major shows in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and Japan. His portfolio “Agricultural Workers of the Rio Grande and Rio Bravo valleys,” produced for the University of Texas at Austin, is collected internationally. The Texas Institute of Letters awarded him the Dobie-Paisano Fellowship in 1983, an honor usually reserved for writers. In 1995 he was invited to present his photographs of the Texas-Mexico border at The Sorbonne. The University of Texas Press published a book of Pogue’s photographs, Witness for Justice.

Alan Pogue has documented the plight of farm workers in Texas and Northern Mexico for four decades, and has photographed prison conditions in Latin America and the United States. He has worked with peace groups to educate the public on the reality of the culture and conflict in the Middle East. Since 1998 he has been to Iraq, the West Bank, Israel, Jordan, and Pakistan. Alan personally accompanied war-injured Iraqi children to the United States for medical care on three of his eight trips to the Middle East. The Japanese group Global Peace Campaign sent Pogue to report on the plight of Afghan refugees in Pakistan in 2002.

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