See How Easily You Can Control Glucose Level to Prevent Diabetes

By Kristina V. Ridley / The Rag Blog / April 18, 2010

Our pancreas is affected by diabetes — specifically, Type 2. Our body contains glucose found in the blood stream, which it gets from the sugar in food. Our body uses the glucose, but only when it goes into our blood cells and the insulin released by our pancreas converts it. Insulin production and utilization is difficult for someone who lives with Type 2 diabetes. There is a lot of glucose in the body, but your cells cannot locate it.

When it comes to this medical condition, the American Diabetes Association plays a big role in amassing important information. Our country is considered to be an unhealthy one because 23.6 million of the populace has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes has at least an indirect effect on 90 percent of the populace. Diabetic people (who are also somewhat overweight), unsurprisingly have relatives who also possess the same condition. The presence of too much glucose in your body could lead to irreparable damage to both the internal organs and the entire nervous system as well.

Living with diabetes

The easiest and the most efficient way to treat your Type 2 diabetes is through healthy living practices on a daily basis. Among these practices include eating healthy and engaging in exercise. These healthy practices, performed regularly, will have an enormous lasting and positive effect on you. To avoid health complications, many doctors recommend that you ensure that the glucose levels in your body are within the appropriate range.

The blood glucose level in your body can easily be monitored simply by using the finger prick test. Such a test is as good as an HbA1c test when it comes to checking and tracking your glucose fluctuations. With this test, it is possible to determine the levels of glycated hemoglobin in your body — and to know if the glucose levels are on the high side. The average level which diabetics maintain, as per the A1c test results, is at seven percent. A 40% reduction in the possibility of developing risks is possible if people simply ensure that their a1c levels are kept at seven percent.

Being overly controlled

One of these studies, conducted at the Lancet and Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, has found that people who have median levels may be at a far greater risk of death, especially for those taking insulin. However, other tests have indicated that A1c levels of 7 percent is still perfectly healthy. Matt Davies, An accredited Endocrinologist, has stated that maintaining a 7% A1c level is healthy according to recent studies, but that physicians should always take the individual patient’s history into account prior to planning treatment.

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