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Wall Street and the Pentagon : Greed and its Delusions

Greed and its requisite delusions. Art by Tom Payne / Eyeball Press. At the heart of both scams is the deliberate corruption of information on such a vast scale that it overwhelms the mind of the educated layman to make … Continue reading

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FDR-Bashing and Right Wing Economics

How much can Obama learn from FDR? Graphic from Economic Policy Journal. The right wing economic ideologues had their chance and got what they wanted in terms of deregulation, union busting, deficit spending and war. And the results are now … Continue reading

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9/11 : The Politics of Fear, Religious Fanaticism and Checks & Balances

‘They’ve attacked us! Turn on your TV!!’By Thomas Cleaver / The Rag Blog / September 11, 2008 I remember seven years ago today like it was yesterday: the phone call at 0545 pulling me from sleep to hear a friend … Continue reading

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Needed : Peace Movement Strategy on Afghanistan

Barack Obama with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, center foreground, and other officials at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Sunday, July 20, 2008. Photo by AP.‘Obama’s proposal is so ill advised that one might expect it to die on its own … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Takes a Ride on the Pentagon Escalator

World’s Highest Escalator. Image from TechEBlog.Will He be Able to Get Off? President Obama has made a crucial mistake that could very well come back to haunt him, like the initial decision to escalate in Vietnam, made in 1965 against … Continue reading

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I Do Love Killing ….

Why Can’t We Talk about Peace in Public?By Matt Taibbi, Posted February 28, 2007. America’s growing economic dependence on the hi-tech defense industry is creating a culture that views peace and nonviolence as seditious concepts. “The fellas from 121 … Continue reading

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