A Lemming Parade

The March to the Edge of the Cliff
By Siv O’Neall
Jul 29, 2007, 01:48

Mankind is blindly marching straight towards the edge of the cliff. Our so-called leaders are busy filling their pockets with gold and making sure they are first in line, that they can yell louder and grab faster than all the rest of us and that they can reach farther into whatever we’re heading for. The fact that it’s a morass and that it’s going to suck us all up, nobody seems to care about.

Every one of the big guys wants to be the first one to cross the line at the goal. What goal? Total destruction, but that is not yet clear to anybody. Or so it seems. Let the show go on. Let’s kill more innocent people, let’s buy up competing corporations, let’s lead the pack of thieves in money speculation, let’s bankrupt more small companies, let’s suck up the retirement savings of the little people, let’s fool the idiots who think we’re here to govern the world. We are here to take care of ourselves and our bank accounts. Who cares about the world? Who cares about tomorrow?

All the politicians and corporate leaders of the world seem to be set on exhausting the planet, killing off all the superfluous people and having a party when it’s all over. Who is leading the pack? Well, Cheney & Co., clearly. Is there anybody left who can put the brakes on that clique? When they are busy destroying the world, when they happily plan to nuke Iran, when they start bombing the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, when they let the Palestinians kill each other off and yell hooray on the sidelines, is there anybody left who will stop Cheney & Co.? They are so busy dancing a victory dance because the oil and arms industries are making huge profits that they don’t even see how the planet is burning. Corporate profits are soaring, so to hell with the dollar that’s going down. It’s good for exports and who cares if we owe trillions in debt to China and Japan? We don’t intend to pay it back anyway.

The poor people are dying of AIDS and starvation. Who cares as long as the pharmaceutical industry is making a fortune? Who cares if millions of children are without health insurance? They are the children of the poor and they are not good for anything anyway.

Let the little people lose their life’s savings in the big bankruptcies, the big money holders always save themselves and their fortunes. What matters is that business goes on. We can always fool enough people into believing that such and such stock is safe. When the bottom falls out, the CEOs will already be gone with their package intact and they’ll pick up the lead somewhere else where people can be fooled into investing. As long as there is a war on, corporate profits are safe.

Iraq is in our way for taking over the world. There are more countries in the way, but let’s take one at a time. Let’s first invade and take over Iraq. Oh damn, Iraq is not going too well. Well, let the bastards kill each other off and then we’ll take over when things calm down. They’ll sort things out between themselves and we’ll play ball with the winners after the civil war is over. In the meantime, let’s nuke Iran. We can’t have an Islam world power reaching from Morocco to Indonesia.

September 11 was a godsend. What would we have done if we hadn’t been able to scare the people into paralysis and dumbness? What would we have done if it hadn’t been for Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden? There seems to be clear evidence that we are secretly supporting Al Qaeda, making sure they will not disappear. No surprise. And as for bin Laden, we have to go on pretending he’s still alive so we have a precise target in our war on terror. It’s lies and propaganda that keep the world going. It’s what we say that matters, not what we do. We can make the imbeciles believe anything we want them to believe. Repeat it often enough and it becomes the truth. We create our own reality.

If the Dems pick up some backbone and begin to realize that resistance to a dictatorship is possible, we’ll have to arrange for a repeat of the attack on the homeland. It’s essential that the executive should not in any way be limited in his power. What Cheney says stands, George will always go along and Rove is around to oil the wheels and keep the spin machine going.

The world has to see that it doesn’t serve any purpose to isolate the U.S. We don’t need the rest of the world. We are the leaders, we run the show, we decide how the Middle East is supposed to be cut up and reshaped.

Oh they say China is coming on big. That’s a lot of bull. China has no international standing and they are too heavily weighed down by poverty among their own people. After all, China is not even a civilized nation. No, there is nobody who can ever stand a chance to surpass America, the United States of America. America is the leader of the world and we have made sure that the world knows. One head of government after the other is coming on board the U.S. ship of State. Europe is veering to the right and the leaders are more and more interested in being on good terms with the giant in the west.

Besides, it’s Big Money that’s running the world and all we have to do is make sure that the big corporations are centered around us. Europe is playing our game once again and the rest of the world is sufficiently in awe of our military and financial power to want to be on good terms with us. Look at India. They were more than happy to clinch the deal about nuclear power in March 2006. That was a clever move, whoever thought of it. And as for Africa, it’s being robbed by the IMF and the World Bank and there is no way African states can ever get in our way to power. Besides, the people are dying of AIDS and that’s good riddance of useless people who are just overcrowding the planet.

We’ll just get a major stake in the oil in the Middle East and the world is ours. Israel will help us take care of Syria and Lebanon, and Palestine will never go along with our requirements for a peaceful solution with Israel so they are out of harm’s way. The Palestinians will go on self-destroying and nobody even knows that we helped kindle the fire. Smart move there. And now that we’ve poured fuel on the civil war in Iraq, they will soon self-destroy as well. As long as the different branches of Islam can’t stop the infighting, we can safely count on being the winners in the end.

They say the United States is a wounded beast. Just wait and see what we can accomplish. Nobody can beat us. We have our own people eating out of our hand since they’ve been told and retold for centuries that we’re the best, we’re the greatest, the most moral, we’re God’s chosen people! America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. They would never dare tear that myth apart. Patriotism and religion keep them going.

Ok, so where do we go from here? We’ll nuke Iran and then we’ll see the Iranians toe the line that we set out for them. Who ever said the United States was a loser? Just wait and see.

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