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From Xymphora. And the other items on the list gave me reason to grin, particularly the bit about Jimmy Carter’s next book …

Reflections on the propaganda wars


3. I keep saying that the United States is not going to attack Iran, but nobody believes me (six months from now, I’m expecting everyone to congratulate me on my prescience). One good indicator is the propaganda being churned out by the Bush Administration. It lacks all the conviction of the Iraq lies, and, even more telling, the mainstream media reports on it while simultaneously mentioning both that there are opposing views (something we never saw in the build-up to Iraq), and that the Bush Administration told similar stories about Iraq, stories which were all untrue and which led Americans into a disaster. The American Establishment has obviously ordered its lackies to try to tell the truth this time. Iran is going to do just enough to remain on side of the international inspectors, which will give Europe the excuse it is looking for to pour cold water on the Zionist plans (the Zionists have their hands full convincing the Europeans to keep the new Palestinian government, and the Palestinian people, on the ‘diet plan’).

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