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DRUNK Americans New MASSACRE In Heet

An American occupation patrol forced in a house in Heet, about 210km west of Baghdad and killed seven members of the family in side the house yesterday. Early morning today (Nov 8), another American patrol came to the same house apologizing from the mother because the soldiers of the yesterday patrol were drunk!! As simple as this.. one of the wounded in the hospital said that the Americans were angry and they killed the seven men by shooting stabbing and they went leaving the wounded bleeding.. today, the town which is seized by the Americans for the last two months; there is only one entrance to the town caught by the Americans too. For the last two months, the Americans searched the town many times; they know who is coming or leaving.. it was bombed heavily months ago then the Americans alleged that the Arab fighters (terrorists) left Ramadi to Heet..

This comes from the blog An Iraqi Tear. Read the rest of her specific post here.

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