A Rush from the Past : The Hammering of ‘Jabber the Nut’

Graphic by Larry Ray / The Rag Blog (with apologies to Jabba and friends).

Rush Limbaugh: The Hammering of ‘Jabber the Nut’

By Larry Ray / The Rag Blog / March 15, 2009

See Video from Rush Limbaugh’s 1990 TV talk show, Below.

Rush Limbaugh, during his brief and disastrous run as a TV talk show host in 1990, was hammered by his audience on one show to a point that he was forced to halt taping. Less than a minute after he started, his audience became so outraged at his mean spirited attacks on women that he literally couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Audience members repeatedly got in his face, refusing to be be intimidated by his bluster. Taping was stopped after the shouting, jeering audience ultimately reduced Rush to a red-faced mumbling wimp. Show producers finally were forced to clear the studio in order for Rush to be able to finish the segment.

With Rush challenging President Obama to debate him, the video clip below of a much younger Rush Limbaugh, shows how he actually holds up when he is not totally alone, unopposed, shouting into a microphone in his radio studio.

After the corpulent, “Jabber the Nut” shook like a ton of jelly speaking before the Conservative Political Action Committee a couple of weeks ago, it is delightful to see him hooted off his own stage before a real audience.

From the video archives, the “Hammering of Jabber the Nut” is presented below for your viewing pleasure . . . he makes it almost exactly one minute before the attack begins.

[Retired journalist Larry Ray is a Texas native and former Austin television news anchor. He also posts at The iHandbill.]

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3 Responses to A Rush from the Past : The Hammering of ‘Jabber the Nut’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does RL continue to fascinate & to retain the ability to attract so much press despite 20 years of insults & buffoonery? It might be more effective to despise him privately but ignore him publicaly.

  2. Mariann says:

    I think that Rush is feeling some ascendancy now simply because of the intelligence vacuum in the Republican party. The best time to take control of any group is when it has just been beaten badly, is widely seen as out of touch with majority views and values, an object of blame for existing problems, etc., and when many former supporters abandon it. Rush is taking a page out of Herr Hitler’s playbook, and I’m not saying that in order to be alarmist or raise the specter of fascism, but simply to point out that this is how Hitler took power in Germany, beginning with a similar demographic as the one Limbaugh now courts. The similarities from there — with all the “insults and buffoonery” magnified through our era’s communications lens — become only more disturbing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this image is terrific
    too bad Limbaugh isn’t really a fictional critter

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