A [Sic] Berd in the Hand…

My sister took this picture. It’s from the El Paso Independent School District print shop!

She wrote:

‘Look at the signs carefully. The first sign on the fence was the white one, it is a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve. The red sign was ordered and placed above it. I wonder who does the proofreading???’

Sarito Neiman / The Rag Blog / December 8, 2008

The Rag Blog

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5 Responses to A [Sic] Berd in the Hand…

  1. Now that was fun!

    …or is that spelled phun….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now you see what we put up with in education, even in higher education. Students that don’t know the difference between “their” and “there,” that sort of thing.

  3. Mariann says:

    Yum, pressed buzzard, is that anything like pressed duck?? or should that be ‘yuck’?

    This one is so stupid it’s almost funny. Thanks for the explanation of which came first, otherwise it would appear that, reading the red sign, many people inquired, “What buzzard? I don’t see any buzzard out here!”, thus prompting additional, informal directions.

  4. What tickled me was years ago when I worked for a man named Dick Blizzard, he would fume to no end when his mail would come addressed to Dick Buzzard, VP/Borden Chemical. One day I told him to watch out, some day it might come in as Dick Blistered, Janitor of Borden Chemical and he’d really be pissed off.

    I’m amazed at major web-sites where I read articles and see the improper spellings

  5. austinmuse says:

    TOO bad!!!

    I showed the photo to my son, and he said you should send it to FAIL Blog (www.failblog.org)!

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