SUNDAY JULY 22, 2007: CONCRETE SKOOLYARD w/ Legalized Police Brutality?

Legalized Police Brutality? – How Gang Profiling & Gang Injunctions Target Youth and Communities

We’re examining the latest trend in law enforcement tactics against the Hip Hop generation and their communities. We’ll take a look at how Police, Prosecutors and Judges have joined forces to target communities all in the name of gang suppression.

We’ll hear from criminal justice experts, gang experts and youth activists about this law enforcement phenomenon and its real effects on the communities the law is supposed to “protect and serve”.

It’s today’s Hip-Hop activism in a real way …. And of course we’re still hitting you with nothing but the REEAAAAL HIP-HOP!

Hosted by SAADIQ & KC

Alex Alonso developed the leading website regarding Los Angeles based gang information ( He is a PhD Candidate at USC and acknowledged as a street gangs expert. He has consulted in nearly 100 gang related cases in Los Angeles Superior Court, Ventura, Orange County, and Kern County courts in multiple areas including history of gangs, gang rivalries, gang migrations, the connection between Hip Hop and Gang Culture, Differences between Taggers, Crews, and Gangs and interpreting tattoos, graffiti and handsigns. His services in gang-related cases have also been requested in Texas, Colorado & North Carolina.

Judith Greene – of Justice Strategies of NY, is co-author of ” Gang Wars: The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies.”
She is a criminal justice policy analyst whose essays and articles on criminal sentencing issues, police practices, and correctional policy have been published in numerous books, as well as in national and international policy journals.

El Presidente is a Hip-Hop reporter and commentator who regularly appears on Concrete Skoolyard. He is a Hip-Hop youth activist and emcee from the Mission District in San Francisco that is currently being targeted for gang injunctions by the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office.

Jose Palacios and Danny Calderon of YOUTHJUSTICECOALITION/Free L.A.! are youth activists that participated in organizing protests against the use of injunctions against Los Angeles youth and their communities. YJC is a youth-led movement to challenge race, gender and class inequality in the Los Angeles County juvenile injustice system. Their goal is to tear down a system that has ensured the massive lock-up of people of color, widespread police brutality and corruption, vast disregard for youth and communities’ Constitutional and human rights, and the build-up of the world’s largest prison system. They use direct action organizing, advocacy, political education and activist arts to agitate, expose, and annoy the people in charge in order to upset power and bring about change.


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July 22, 2007 at 03:00 PM
Aziz Shihab: Does the Land Remember Me

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
10000 Research Blvd #158
Austin, TX 78759

In the Arboretum Shopping Center, at the Southwest Corner of 183 and Great Hills Trail.


Summoned by his dying mother, Palestinian- born Aziz Shihab returns to the homeland he and his family fled as refugees decades earlier: to a Palestine reclaimed by Israelis and to a country no longer that of his youth in a nation whose estate has been challenged by history. This gripping book chronicles that month-long journey.

Part memoir, part travelogue, it reveals the complexities of leaving behind such the past and coming to grips with its abandonment. With his sharp ear for dialogue and with a journalist’s eye, Shihab records and considers, sometimes with fond humor, the Palestinian psyche. Family meetings brim with soothing time-honored ritual and cultural blindness. Pungent street anecdotes resonate with profound themes like human rights, land dislocation, and poverty. Shihab’s stories of departure and return, loss of land and reconnection provide enriching insights into the depth and intricacy of Palestinian culture and history and its legacy of displacement.

Aziz Shihab is known for his independent newspaper, The Arab Star. He has written about the Middle East for The Dallas Morning News and The San Antonio Express-News.

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