Meeting Face to Face (Iraq labor tour) showing definite for Aug 1 at Monkeywrench

OK, the date and time have been confirmed. It will be at 8 pm, Wednesday, Aug 1, at Monkeywrench Books, 110 E. North Loop, sponsored by Texas Labor Against the War and CAMEO (Campus Anti-War Movement to End the Occupation).

This is the video of the Iraq-U.S. Solidarity Tour in 2005 when several Iraq labor union leaders visited the U.S. The video starts with a little history and images of workers in Iraq that I found quite enlightening.

There was another tour of 2 Iraqi labor leaders a few weeks ago, including the first woman union president in Iraq. TxLAW will have folks at the event to update things, answer questions, and give information on the oil workers’ fight against the Hydrocarbon Law (usually called the Oil Law), a U.S. imposed “benchmark,” which the U.S. government says is to fairly distribute income from oil production, but which in actuality hands over most oil development and revenue to multinational oil corporations.

Y’all come!

Leslie C.

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