July 22, 2007 at 03:00 PM

Aziz Shihab: Does the Land Remember Me

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

10000 Research Blvd #158
Austin, TX 78759

In the Arboretum Shopping Center, at the Southwest Corner of 183 and Great Hills Trail.


Summoned by his dying mother, Palestinian-born Aziz Shihab returns to the homeland he and his family fled as refugees decades earlier: to a Palestine reclaimed by Israelis and to a country no longer that of his youth in a nation whose estate has been challenged by history. This gripping book chronicles that month-long journey.

Part memoir, part travelogue, it reveals the complexities of leaving behind such the past and coming to grips with its abandonment. With his sharp ear for dialogue and with a journalist’s eye, Shihab records and considers, sometimes with fond humor, the Palestinian psyche. Family meetings brim with soothing time-honored ritual and cultural blindness. Pungent street anecdotes resonate with profound themes like human rights, land dislocation, and poverty. Shihab’s stories of departure and return, loss of land and reconnection provide enriching insights into the depth and intricacy of Palestinian culture and history and its legacy of displacement.

Aziz Shihab is known for his independent newspaper, The Arab Star. He has written about the Middle East for The Dallas Morning News and The San Antonio Express-News.

Protest of Corrections Corporation of America and T. Don Hutto Detention Center
Friday, July 20th, noon – 1 pm
8015 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, Texas

Austin residents will gather at Corrections Corporation of America’s 8015 Shoal Creek Blvd. office to protest for-profit incarceration. CCA is the world’s largest and most notorious private prison corporation, operating more than a dozen prisons and immigrant detention centers in Texas alone.

Demonstrators will protest CCA’s profiting from immigrant detention expansion around Texas, including the T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor which holds migrant families and asylum seekers, about half of whom are children.

Contact Rebecca at or (415) 902-2794 for more information.

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