Army of One

Isn’t there a category of Darwin Award for this? Our thanks to Charlie Loving for the illustration.

Lawmaker Wounded in Iraq Wants to Go Back

PARKVILLE, Mo. (Oct. 17) – A state lawmaker shot in the lung while serving in Iraq said he was eager to finish his tour of duty.

“I know without a doubt that it worries my wife,” said Rep. Jason Brown, R-Platte City, during a news conference Tuesday at VFW Post No. 7356 in Parkville. “But you know we started something, and years ago I volunteered for service; I joined the Army Reserves. It’s a responsibility, and it’s a duty that I have.

“I want to go back. I want to be with my team again. I want to complete the tour of duty and then I want to come home.”

Read it here, if ya wanna bother.

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