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Terror Attack on US Embassy in Athens

Terrorists fired a rocket from across the street into the US embassy in Athens on Friday morning. The rocket exploded in the bathroom on the third floor but did not cause casualties.

Greek leftist groups have targeted the US embassy and its personnel in the past, and passions run high in Greece against the US role in Iraq, which is generally seen as mere predatory imperialism and capitalist grasping.


The bombings in Madrid and London, and now possibly Athens, give the lie to Bush’s constant refrain that the Iraq War is making us safer. It is the greatest generator of terrorism perhaps ever created. Republican Senators like Frist who make the silly argument that there have been no major al-Qaeda attacks because of the invasion of Iraq are heartlessly insulting the victims of Madrid and London, not to mention of Karbala and Kadhimiya. The continental US is hard for foreign-based terrorists to get at and most of the really dangerous security gaps, like unfortified cockpit doors on airplanes, have been closed. But all US allies are extremely nervous about where this Iraq thing is taking the world, and some of them have dire reasons for concern.

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