Austin Diversity Shows It’s Colors

Diversity cowboys. Photos by Jamie Josephs and Caroline Crocker / The Rag Blog.

Austin Gay Pride: 2008
By Jamie Josephs / The Rag Blog / June 16, 2008

It was hot and sweaty but the Austin Pride 08 Festival at Auditorium Shores was a great success and seemed to come off without a hitch thanks to the Equality Texas organizers, lots of wonderful volunteers and Micah King, the main man.

Thousands of people from Austin, Texas and the world paid $15 at the gate to attend Austin’s Gay Pride festival. Approximately 130 vendors attended with variety ranging from BookWoman to Norml to Hawaiin Smoothies. Lots of good food, interesting music and a sense of family made everyone seem emotionally bouyant at this 7th annual Gay Pride Festival.

Quite a few non-profits had booths with lots of educational info and freebies. The music was as diverse as the gender preferences of the crowd in attendance. The Austin Pride Festival, as opposed to others including San Francisco’s, is a family event. All vendors and organizations involved agree to keeping all activity and demeanor family-friendly with no ludeness tolerated.

The people who wandered into my Peace Peddler booth were friendly, charming and quite conversant. An incredible parade followed the musical headliner’s performance which ended at 7pm. Mechell Ndegeocello, 7 time Grammy nominated bass player/vocalist brought down the house at the end of the day. If you didn’t attend you should plan to next year. Its a wonderful slice of Austin culture and being there renewed some of my faith that tolerance to diversity really can exist.

Thong man with cat.

Whether on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or convertible, droves of people in colorful outfits marched from Auditorium Shores to Fourth Street, many playing dance music and tossing out candy to a crowd that stretched up the South First Street bridge and into downtown.

“We’re just letting people know we’re here, and this is who we are,” said Dale Atkinson, a marcher and volunteer with AIDS Services of Austin.

Dressed in cowboy boots and a dress partially made of Hershey bar wrappers, Heath Riddles rode in a pickup covered in blue plastic, streamers and purses.

Austin American-Statesman / June 15, 2008

The Rag Blog

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2 Responses to Austin Diversity Shows It’s Colors

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your photograph hardly indicates Austin’s recent Pride event was diverse: all the individuals depicted are white gay men. Why is this event supposed to be for families instead of Queers? And why do the organizers charge $15; this discourages attendance by Queers of color and low-income community members such as People with Aids and HIV. The values implicit in the above would never be tolerated

  2. Paul Scott, Executive Director says:

    We at Equality Texas have been trying hard over the past couple of years to diversify our entertainment line up to reflect the diversity of the community and this year we were proud to bring in Meshell Ndegeocello, Los Bad Apples, Kings and Things, and other groups (yes, we even had straight allies)

    As for the ticet price, we did offer $10 advance tickets online and at 30 different

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