Austin Treasure : Vintage Video from Historic Protest Actions

Found Footage Reveals Bygone Era in Austin
By Amy Smith / October 31, 2008

See vintage Video of Austin protest activities in three parts, Below.

Austin native Patrick McGarrigle has put together a treasure trove of Sixties-era video footage culled from reels of film found in an alley off of Red River Street. “What They Sayin’: A Tribute to Austin Protesters” is a lovely, grainy remembrance of another era – civil rights demonstrations, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War. Some familiar faces appear onscreen, including Margret Hoffmann in a 1963 “Easter March,” in which a small group of peace activists walked from the Capitol to the gates of the former Bergstrom Air Force Base, and a camera-toting Alan Pogue, who had recently returned from the war. The video can be viewed on YouTube (search by title) or rented at Vulcan Video.

What They Sayin : A Tribute to Austin Protesters by Patrick McGarrigle

Part I

Part II

Part III

Source / Austin Chronicle

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2 Responses to Austin Treasure : Vintage Video from Historic Protest Actions

  1. Mike Hanks says:

    Probably some of the best documentary footage outside of Department of Defense and FBI archives. I kept looking for my young face but I think I avoided cameras. The DOD said they had pics of me in a gas mask in the Capitol march – I guess I’ll have to check with them for prints. The most profound recollection that the footage produced in me was the memory that we political activists wore suits and ties in the very early 60’s.

  2. Mariann says:

    Very interesting footage — obvoiusly Part I begins with street scenes of San Francisco — then comes to Austin. I spotted many friends, some of blessed memory: Charlie Smith, Robert Carnal, Roger Baker and the newly-arrived A Pogue — then in Part II LOTS more, as the footage jumps back and forth from 1965 or 66 to 1969, the march where the City Council wdn’t give us a parade permit. I see myself getting arrested in that one, and later on see ohn Lane and his girlfriend, Kathy the Specter of Death, who also went to jail that day for walking in the street; there were 13 of us. I’m also seem in an earlier demo at the Capitol, as is Gary Thiher and someone playing guitar who looks awfully like Dave Mahler; also some local “goons”. The Congress Ave. demo shows Pogue again, Jeff Jones, Dick MF, and Larry Jackson. I also spotted Jim Denny, Austin SDS’ first openly gay activist, and who I think is Judy Smith, both of them at or near a podium, can’t quite tell where, and possibly Pete Kwant as well. Amazing. Wish I could stop the action and see it in stills; lots more folks look familiar but go by too fast!

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