Bill O’Reilly – Spinning a Web of No Spin

Bill is a perfect example of someone who is almost what he appears to be. To a naive person this very well spoken, extremely organized person appears to run just what he proclaims to, a “No spin zone.” Well, with a little bit of knowledge you will quickly realize that he spins, he rolls, he tosses, he dodges, he diverts and he ends up right where he started, with his personal point of view being declared
victorious. Bill is sometimes fair, but only when there is no chance of challenging his view. Out of the Fox bunch, Bill does have the most integrity, which is a very scary reality! Talk about setting low standards.

Journalism Credentials Masters degree in journalism

There is no doubt that Mr. O’Reilly has a real education in journalism. He did however seem to forget the definition of journalism.

Journalism: ”j&r-n&l-“i-z&m – : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation and without opinion.


Certain Outcome: the entire goal of Bill’s show is to prove his guest wrong, or right, depending on who the guest is. The bottom line is that whatever Bill’s position was prior to his show, that will be his position after the show. Even if he acknowledges a point or two he concludes every show with a pseudo intellectual “I told you so.” There is no point in watching this nonsense. It is a news infomercial for Bill’s opinion.

Attack the messenger: Much like almost all of the Fox News on screen clowns, Bill does his share of launching personal attacks on people who do not share his views. He does his share of name calling and pointing out controversial aspects of people he disagrees with regardless of whether it has anything to do with the current topic. To paint a picture of how wrong this is to do when dealing with journalism you might think of it this way, regardless of Michael Jackson’s odd personal life you can not in any way question his musical talent. Mr. O’Reilly would use Michael’s personal life to discredit his talent. It is wrong both technically and morally.

God’s Word: Bill takes it upon himself to declare what is right, wrong, brave, cowardly, patriotic, treason, etc. He gets up on his pulpit and speaks God’s word. OK Bill, settle down. We know how you feel, don’t claim to be the clearing house for ethics and Human conscience

Why he is dangerous

The big danger with Bill is that he conducts himself in a very authoritative manner. He is impressive. He also tells people over and over how fair he is, so unless you have a clue you will believe him. Remember we are a society of mostly followers. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the truth is that people are easily
fooled. Bill puts on a great show and his impressive delivery is very convincing.

A Message

Hey Bill, a person with your level of education in journalism should realize that opinion has no place in journalism. While you may be qualified to be a journalist, you are not currently practicing the craft. You should be honest and just admit what you are, a right wing conservative who argues his opinions very impressively. You are another example of Fox News’ fraudulent claim of being a “News” network. Someone with your education should realize that once opinion enters, journalism exits.

Charlie Loving

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