Calling on the "Axis of Evil" for Help

Since the rest of the world has been so thoroughly disengaged from the Israel/Palestine question since the onset of the Iraq war, it’s difficult to believe that Blair really means it. Let’s see the money, Tony.

Answer to Iraq lies in Middle East, says Blair
By George Jones, Political Editor
Last Updated: 10:05pm GMT 13/11/2006

Tony Blair has opened the prospect of a new partnership with Iran and Syria tonight as he insisted that the “answer to Iraq” lay in the wider Middle East.

But, while setting out a strategy to resolve tensions across the whole region, the Prime Minister said his top priority was to end the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

In a major foreign policy speech, Mr Blair implored Tehran to assist the Middle East peace process and stop supporting terrorism in Iraq and Lebanon.

He also urged the rogue state to abide by its international obligations on nuclear non-proliferation.

“In that case, a new partnership is possible,” Mr Blair told the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in the City of London. “Or alternatively they face the consequences of not doing so: isolation.”

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