Can’t Say We Haven’t Been Warning Ya

I thought that you folks would be either humored or outraged (as I currently am) to know that I received a letter today in my regular mail at the Ester, Alaska Post Office, from The Drug Policy Alliance, to whom I am an infrequent contributor and dues-paying member.

The letter appears to have been sent from Drug Policy Alliance’s NYC Office with a stamp in the upper right-hand corner, with the stamp reading, ‘USA NONPROFIT ORG.’ I’m told that this is a common pre-sorted bulk mailing stamp, used by Private Non-Profits.

I’d begun opening the letter by tearing at the glued flap, when I noted that it had been opened and had a notice stamped to it. At that point, I ceased opening it.

Stamped on the address side of the envelope was a ‘notice’ of sorts, via rubber stamped black ink, apparently from the NYC post office where the article was either mailed or sorted, which reads, ‘EXAMINED AT MAILING OFFICE.’

As I already stated, this indicates to me that the letter was opened in NYC, at the point of mailing used by DPA, NYC.

I immediately called the postmaster in Ester, a fine gentleman named Bill, and, having a fairly casual relationship with him as a result of our small town atmosphere, I informed him both of the circumstances, and of my outrage, sharing with him my desire to address the boundariless voyeur who had opened (by slitting the letter across the top, as is customary), and then re-taped the envelope, then applying the ink stamp previously mentioned…

I’ve considered tracking down who ever this person is, and asking them if they’d mind if I take a look into their significant other’s lingerie drawer/collection.

I’m planning to meet tomorrow with Bill (the Ester, Alaska Post Master) to submit the letter to him for an official inquiry, but I have already told him that I want a copy of the letter’s envelope, as well as a statement about the letter’s condition.

Now I’m curious to see if some bozo working for the NYC post office where it was opened contends that this was all legal under one of GW’s ‘signing statements,’ as was recently applied to his postal security legislation this last year..

What do you folks think??

Sincerely ticked off,

Dirk R. Nelson
P.O. Box 283
Ester, Alaska, 99725-0283

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