Clarity About Palestine

“Apartheid” Jimmy? When will Americans call a spade a spade?
By Lee Salisbury
Dec 29, 2006, 04:49

Former President and Nobel Peace prize recipient Jimmy Carter’s latest book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid has fellow Democrats running for cover. Because of recent book, the attacks on Carter are vicious and many. The angry, nonsensical cartoon below from is typical of the Zionist temper tantrums one can expect anytime the Israeli government is criticized – especially when the criticism comes from someone with the voice and international credibility of former President Jimmy Carter.

U.S. House Speaker designate and Democrat mother-hen Nancy Pelosi felt compelled to protect Democrats from such dangerous rhetoric saying, “Jimmy Carter doesn’t speak for the Democratic Party.” Can’t you just see the wheels turning in her head, “Who does Jimmy Carter think he is, he must be getting senile. How could he know anything about the Middle East? Besides, doesn’t Carter know that (based on a Washington Post survey) 60% of the Jewish pro-Israel PAC political contributions go to Democrats versus only 35% to Republicans? Let’s be practical Jimmy!

What is happening in America? How could any one say anything critical about God’s chosen people? That’s anti-Semitic! Would you deny the Holocaust too! Don’t Americans know Israel can do no wrong? Israel is above criticism!

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz says, “the word ‘apartheid’ suggests an analogy to the hated policies of South Africa, and it is especially outrageous.” Yes Professor, Americans should all know Israeli Zionists would never engage in (the dictionary definition of apartheid) a governmental policy of racial/ethnic segregation resulting in political, economic and legal discrimination.

Read it here.

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