Cold, Hard Facts, Episode XIII

John, it’s your lucky day. We were just talking about Amerikan arrogance, too, and here you go demonstrating it most capably. Let us just suggest that you don’t have a lock on “what’s right,” John. In fact, we don’t think you have much of a clue about the difference between right and wrong if you think killing off a lot more people in Iraq is “right.” And that’s why we’re awarding you with the distinction of Cold, Hard Facts, Episode 13.

John McCain’s Shameless Call for Escalation in Iraq
By Allan Uthman, Buffalo Beast. Posted December 15, 2006.

“Straight talking” John McCain’s call for thousands more troops in Iraq is just a pathetic ploy to seem like a patriot for the presidential elections.

“I understand the polls show only 18 percent of the American people support my position. But I have to do what’s right… In war, my dear friends, there’s no such thing as compromise. You either win or you lose.” — Senator John McCain

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