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December 04, 2006, Letters To The Editor, The Oregonian

To the Editor:

I have a son in Iraq: the 1st Armored Division of the Army, stationed at a remote outpost near the hotbed Ramadi.

Last week his platoon lost two to injuries — one a result of shrapnel to the testicles, the other a leg wound from small arms fire.

They’re down to 15 in the platoon. Nearly every day they’re out on patrol, generally by foot. Every day, they’re vulnerable, their lives held open to the potential of death or injury.

Two weeks ago he called by satellite phone, awakening Amy and me in the dead of the night. Machine gun fire was all around him, the sound of war filling our ears and hearts with grief and fear of loss.

He wanted to tell us that he loves us, that he was on a dangerous patrol and that if anything happened to his life, he would take his love for us to his death and beyond.

He made it through that day and night. As this is written, he is still here with us. His tour was to end the first week in November but he was extended until next February.

He said that the morale of the platoon was at an all-time low.

He said that the war is creating more insurgency, rather than less.

He says that he cannot trust anyone in an Iraqi military uniform.

He said that most of the Iraq people do not want us there.

He says that this war cannot be won!

He has no faith in the politicians who sent him there.

Question, America: Whom would you listen to, the soldier in the field or the padded politician in office in reference to how this war is really going?



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