Demise of the New World Order

New World Order – New Fix or New Failure?
Mark Lowry

Globalization and the new world order are profound failures. They are based on flawed economic logic that ignores need to have no government intervention in free markets controlled by supply and demand. Democracy can not be created by developing new economic markets based on government corruption. History indicates free states precede free markets. Political democracy creates economic democracy not the other way around.

Conceptually, one world government is based on the idea international banking and other corporate interests can take over world governments just as they did in America. Henry Kissinger, Council on Foreign Relations said: “Who controls the money controls the world.” Proponents favor open borders, free trade, and international control over economic issues, and elimination of the present concept of national sovereignty in favor of a more global perspective on world governance.

Most agree with NEW WORLD ORDER views of Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Jimmie Carter, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and many other globalists that a few wealthy individuals can better manage world government and economic affairs than any other government model especially those that rely on people governed to make decisions. They think wealthy businesses are more intellectual and better capable of ruling in an orderly manner.

Institutional tools were developed to accomplish purposes of one world government globalists. The United Nations is the first organization that helped globalists create other world institutions under the guise of international trade treaties such as GATT, and NAFTA to promote greater world prosperity through trade. World banking consolidation was a necessity to control the world’s supply of capital so accessible money for expansion could be used as a tool to persuade other countries to join the system.

The World Trade Organization provides equal access to all markets but mostly the United States’ by international corporations and countries that get preferred trade partner status. This creates opportunity to break down national sovereignty even more. International banking institutions like Citibank Group and corporations like Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and a litany of others are fighting to secure their place in the New World Order. Nations who don’t comply are deprived of the American consumer market and World Bank financing.

Once the one world government institutions were created with control over the money supply and consumer markets, they should have had an easy path to get to the final formation of the new world government. They just needed to convince individual populations of sovereign nations that it was best for them to give up national sovereignty for permanent prosperity in the New World Order.

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