Dildoing Us to Death

In Alabama: Sell Guns, Not Dildoes!
by Tommi Avicolli Mecca‚ Feb. 21‚ 2007

Here’s one for the “stranger than fiction” department: Stand on any street corner in Alabama selling guns and dildoes, and guess which one can land you in jail for a year? You got it: Those deadly dildoes!

In a unanimous decision, the three judges of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on February 16th upheld a 1998 Alabama statute that outlaws the sale of devices used to stimulate human genitals. Instruments to blow out someone’s brains are perfectly fine. Sounds about right for a state with a rich history of slavery, lynchings and beatings of civil rights activists.

Alabama’s not the only state where you can’t buy a vibrator or cock ring at your favorite porno store. There’s also Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana, Texas, Louisiana and Virginia. Talk about a Hall of Shame.

Here’s the clincher. According to the court and the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, it’s all about morality. Wrote the judges: “States have traditionally had the authority to regulate commercial activity they deem harmful to the public.” How is selling dildoes to adults “harmful to the public?”

Read it here.

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