Documenting the End of the Petroleum Age

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A One-Minute Reminder From The Lorax!
By Jim Otterstrom / January 14, 2009

Time is running out for the Petroleum Age…

…and none too soon if you ask me!

Every day I walk past dozens of trucks, big, and bigger, as they just sit there idling, blowing what’s left of the world’s oil from their exhaust pipes into my face, my lungs, and the biosphere of our planet.

As you read these words, millions of huge trucks, this very minute, are idling away precious fuel in every corner of the world (from oil that people are killing each other over). And it goes on 24 hours a day, while billions of other stench-spewing vehicles speed past in an exponentially spiraling pattern of blind destruction.

A stunning thing to witness as the world reaches peak everything, and descends into cataclysmic resource wars, in the waning days of the short-lived Age Of Petroleum.

In a not too distant future the rusted hulks of shiny behemoths like the one above will be weathering away among the ruins of our civilization much like the statues of Easter Island, and, for any survivors, will be a stark reminder of our supreme foolishness.

Mark My Words…

Source / Earth Home Garden

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