DoD* Day Continues

This comes from our buddy at Crushed by Inertia.

“Back off”? This is how our elected officials explain themselves to us? “Back off”?

“Hey, Don, since none of your plans have worked out yet and things are getting worse by the day, shouldn’t we at least begin thinking about when to leave Iraq?”

“BACK OFF, dude! Man, I am so tired of being questioned and bothered all the time just because my poor decision-making has directly led to thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths! Why don’t all of you bitches raise up off my nutsack?”

I can’t believe this guy still has his job. He must have photos of George Bush snowballing Karl Rove or something. He knows where the several dozen other guys Dick Cheney “accidentally” shot in the face are buried. He’s promised to share the golden treasure with the rest of the Bush administration once he’s unlocked the secrets of the Declaration of Independence map. There must be some rational explanation.

Read the entire post here.

Note: DoD = Down On Don. We’re thinkin’ it might be DoD YEAR.

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