Domestic Terrorists

Our buddies at Wake Up From Your Slumber have this interesting post today:

A Tale of TWO Terrorists

Brooklyn is teeming with terrorists – but you’ll never hear about it in the mainstream media.


Because they’re ‘good’ terrorists.

“[They’re] not your problem – Palestinians are your problem.”

“I have a business,” Goldberg said, somewhat embarrassed . . . “I rent out inflatables that kids jump on — moon bouncers.

Fortunately it’s seasonal work. I’m busy in the spring and summer and then in the winter I’m free to be a Jewish terrorist.”

Goldberg was being sarcastic . . . Kahane’s followers [believe] that they are wrongly persecuted as “terrorists” for their simple devotion to Torah and Israel,

while the true “terrorists” — the indigenous Palestinians — are allowed to cling to what they say is God-willed Jewish land.

Is that clear, boys and girls?

Arrogant and obssessed with a promised land – Good terrorist.

Humble and born on the wrong land – Bad terrorist.

Very simple.

Read the rest here.

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