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We are still working on the project for Fragile Families in Texas. I have been talking it up with folks here and there is interest. The International Center might be the place to do this?

One thing that keeps coming up to haunt us is why is it that there is such a breach between Latinos on the street and African Americans. The read I get is down right hatred between the groups. No understanding of the cultures. It seems that on some level the two groups will deal with each other, but in the ghetto it is Katy bar the door. Even in schools there is a gang or group mentality that prevails. It also seems to follow as the people grow up.

Having spent years in Africa and Latin America I have encountered this over and over again. There has to be some sort of key to open the door to change the attitudes? I talk to my Mexican friends on the border and in the interior and they just plain have an attitude about the African American, they don’t like them. Why? I ask and they just mumble platitudes and the same old tripe that goes down with racist commentary from White people and the poor white trash we see out and about. What Bush said was true racism is not dead in America.

You can look to the immigration flap and see how the Latinos are disliked as well. It is a sociological thing. Tribal and religious ideas enter into this. I am not quite sure. Muslims and Jews, Christians and Hindus, black, white, red, yellow, green or what have you it seems to be almost insurmountable.

Yet if a coalition could be formed it would be most powerful and a force to be feared by the politicos. It would have clout.

Any comments on this?

Charlie Loving

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