Free Fraud Zone

Nothing I could say can adequately prepare you for the mind-boggling fate of billions upon billions of Iraqi dollars under US supervision.

“American law was suspended.

Iraqi law was suspended.

And Iraq basically became a Free-Fraud Zone.

In a Free-Fire Zone you can shoot at anybody you want.

In a Free-Fraud Zone you can steal anything you like.”


This is not just ‘water under the bridge’ as one US official in the clip would have us believe. Even the word ‘failure’ does not adequately describe it.

This is perhaps the greatest war-time swindle in history – a testament to just how criminal our government has become.

To read the entire post from ‘The Truth Will Set You Free,’ click here.

From the person who posted the video on YouTube:

The coalition was given trusteeship of nearly 20 billion dollars of Iraq’s money, nearly all of it was spent with no accountability and records. Fraud and corruption rampantly consumed much of these funds. Paul Bremer who headed the Coalition Provisional Authority made certain that as much of the money was spent as possible. Has some heartbreaking stories of actual Iraqi citizens and their children. Shows that the infrastructure, especially water and hospitals, which supposedly had billions spent on it though is still in shambles. Where did the money go!?

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