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Charlie Loving

This is the real meat of society – nothing else matters.

Gak! what a horrid game. The UTEP Miners and New Mexico Lobos were on television? The Miners have got to have the worst looking football suits of any team on the planet. They look like full body Speedos. The tubby guys really look really tubby. And those colors on my tube were horrific; red and white with silly blue slashes. And then there was the game which put viewers to sleep by the third quarter. I am from El Paso (fours years in HS) and I can’t see either team doing much of anything.

A good game was Cal and Tennesse which Cal won 45-31 despite a run by Tennessee at the end. I liked ‘ol’ Brent Musburger sending the sideline reporter to the cheapskate hill and a visit to the “blue haze” fans, pretty funny. Musburger is a good announcer who is into the whole package.

My view, Pete Carroll (Southern Cal) looks like he will run the table with maybe a scare from Cal which really looked good.

LSU will roll over Va Tech on Sept 8th. The Hokies my favorite team in the land looked lost. Beamer ball was all that saved them from defeat.

Texas was for crap. I listened to that game on the radio and even the homer announcers couldn’t make the Horns sound good. If the Ark State guys hadn’t had an illegal formation for an onsides kick toward the end it might have been upset city. The Ark. State QB said he wanted to play them again after a rest of course. The Texas offense sucked big time. Four running plays inside the ten and nothing on the board in the third quarter. The Ark. State defense was super. The game was always in doubt for the Horns. I think that Texas avoided being lumped in with Michigan.

Bob Stoops (OU 79, NSTU 10) has to be relishing the game to come with Texas. Texas if they don’t revive will be easy prey. TCU which romped over an improved Baylor (a team that can’t score) will be a tough opponent next week. I recall as a Boy Scout being an usher at Memorial Stadium (It was Memorial Stadium in those day) and watching TCU (TCU 27 BAYLOR 0) whip Texas. “Hey, Hey, Hoh, Hoh, TCU to the Cotton Bowl.”

I should be a Texas fan of course, but I love to see those pompus orange bloods drop games with a few exceptions. A&M, Tech and OU are those. It doesn’t look good after the first week for Coach Brown, Colt and company.

Colt Brennan had 3,549 yards going into Saturday is the guy at QB for Hawaii a team that used to be called Rainbows, which it seems was a little to gay and not mean enough. He passed fot four touchdowns in the first quarter (11 minutes) and six in the first half which gives him 99 so far.

You have to speak about the mother of all upsets. How could it happen? Michigan with the huge stadium full of Michiganders and all the money in the world lost to, whom? The Mountaineers of Ap State. The Ap State blocked kick at the end was super. I had Michigan as having a good offense last week but that turned out to be wrong. And their defense is suspect. Really suspect now. I will now have to burn my Michigan hat.

What happened to Notre Dame? Is coach Weis such a control freak and jerk as Sports Ilustrated says? His guys do not seem to relate to his professional NFL style. ND had zero offense against the Georgia Tech puppies who had all of ten months to study Weis and his team. Touchdown Jesus is shamed in Southbend.

LSU won easily 45-0, Missouri has 358 yards and won 40-34 over the Illini.

As Plema says the national championship will be Georgia Tech and SC. Well maybe but it is still early in the year. We know for sure Texas won’t be there.

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