Funeral March to Protest the War in Iraq – Austin, TX

Date: Saturday, Nov. 4th, 1 -3 pm. Rain date is Sunday, Nov. 5th, 1 pm.

Description of Protest: mock, silent, solemn funeral procession (single file) with everyone dressed in funeral black with some women wearing long black veils (we furnish) and some marchers carrying signs (CP to make) saying messages such as “Today We Mourn, Tomorrow We Vote” and “Troops Home Now.”

Location: Meet at City Hall Plaza. Route will begin there and head to Congress Avenue bridge where it will go the extent of the bridge to Barton Springs and loop back to city hall. Lots of parking under City Hall.

For more information: Call Deborah of CodePink at 448-3090.

NOTE: To everyone coming: must wear black — dress like going to a funeral — no shorts. Dont bring signs — we furnish them. Please come on time, because the people in the funeral march have to be lined up, veils need to be put on and signs dispersed before we can begin to march — this takes time. We provide black veils, but you (women) don’t have to wear one or you can bring a black hat or scarf if you like. We will put the women in veils up front.

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