Gaza : Israeli Government Doesn’t Want Peace

Stark contrast: Beauty cloaks horror. Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, Jan. 8, 2009. Over 600 Palestinians have been killed and more than 2,700 others wounded in Gaza since the so-called Operation Cast Lead began on Dec. 27. Photo by Wissam Nassar / Xinhua.

‘The cease fire failed because Israel does not want peace and subverts any step in that direction. Israel does not want peace because they are the beneficiaries of the status quo’
By David P. Hamilton / The Rag Blog / January 8, 2009

Last June, Hamas initiated a six month cease fire with Israel. They hoped that this ceasefire would lead to an easing of the Israeli blockade of Gaza and greater international recognition of Hamas as a legitimate representative of the people of Gaza. The ceasefire was scrupulously observed by Hamas until November, when it began to unravel.

It failed because Israel and its international supporters, particularly the Bush regime, gave nothing substantial in return. The Israeli blockade of Gaza did not end or significantly diminish. There was no improvement in the acceptance of Hamas as a negotiating partner. Hence, the cease fire lapsed at the end of the six month period and the rocket attacks against Israel, militarily insignificant and misguided as they were, were resumed. The Israelis seized upon this resumption as a pretext to initiate an all out assault on Gaza in an effort to totally destroy Hamas, the legitimately elected government in Gaza.

The result has been, so far, the murder of hundreds of Gaza residents, many of them civilians, including many children and the utter destruction of the paltry preexisting Gaza infrastructure by the IDF, a ratio of killing of roughly 100 Gaza Palestinians for every Israeli killed. This blatant Israeli terrorism is very reminiscent of the Nazi occupation of France, where the Nazi Germans pledged to kill 100 French for every German soldier killed by resistance forces in the occupied zone and on several occasions did so.

The cease fire failed because Israel does not want peace and subverts any step in that direction. Israel does not want peace because they are the beneficiaries of the status quo, in which they continuously strengthen their hold on West Bank land and water that would be part of the future Palestinian state under any conceivable peace treaty.

It is said that Israel has no partner for peace negotiations because the Palestinians call for the destruction of Israel. This is a lie. All Palestinian factions have endorsed the two state solution contained in the Arab League proposals which recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. These proposals have met with no Israeli positive response since they were first proposed in 2002.

The simple truth is that the Palestinians have no serious negotiating partner, because Israel does not want peace and undermines every step in that direction. The current massacre has more to do with the ruling Israeli political faction, faced with a challenge by the even more right wing Likud Party, looking tough in order to pander to bellicose Israeli public opinion so as to benefit them in the upcoming Israeli elections rather than countering any actual Palestinian terrorism.

The only thing that can be done to change this dynamic would be for the US to pressure Israel to accept serious negotiations that would lead to the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. Even if the Obama administration did so, the Israelis would resist a peace settlement. The provisions of such a settlement are not obscure. They would have to include Israel returning to its pre-1967 borders, although minor revisions might be negotiable. Israel is unwilling to do so and, therefore, obstructs any steps that might lead to peace.

One obvious outcome of this current Israeli invasion of Gaza will be the further diminution of the moral standing of Israel and that diminution will be richly deserved.

The Rag Blog

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want nothing more than to live side by side with a Palestinian State. I believe that just as we Jews have a right to self-determination, so do the Palestinians and we cannot deny them this right.
    The problem arises when the Palestinian agenda is hijacked by radical extremists who have used women and children as human shields.

    Hamas is using bunkers underneath Shifa Hospital as a headquarters for its leaders because they know that Israel would never bomb a hospital.

    Hamas has shot mortars and rockets at Israeli cities with one intent in mind, to harm innocent civilains. There has been no attempt to strike military installations, which could be deemed legitimate… All they seek is the death of noncombatants, a war crime, by any measure.

    At the end of the day, we can argue and argue and no progress will be made… We must compare Israel and Hamas, which de-facto rules Gaza.
    Israel, in its declaration of independence called upon all its neighbors to join it in peace
    Hamas, in its charter, calls for the destruction of Israel.

    The question must be asked: which side reaches out to the other with a message of hope for ALL our children???

    Wrong has been done on both sides and that is the way it always is in war… WAR IS TRAGIC!

    I call on the silent majority of Palestinians to join us, their Israeli neighbors in peace.
    Only you can rise up from within, tear down Hamas and bring a brighter future for both sides.
    Show courage and we will help you. It is in BOTH our interest!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What an arrogant and blinkered point of view, Mr. Hamilton. So Israel unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza in 2005 at a cost of $2.5 billion was giving nothing? The subsequent firing of over 6000 rockets from Gaza targeting civilian population centers in Israel is militarily insignificant? I suppose it rather depends on whether or not you sit on the receiving end of those rockets with 15 to 20 seconds to make it to the fallout shelter and are having your life threatened in a daily and sometimes in a several times a day manner will determine how quick you might be to ascribe insignificance to this situation!

    The nature of the problem between Hamas and Israel is pretty clear to all those who are not totally blinded by prejudice and hatred. It is the problem of asymmetric politics. You have one side that unilaterally has made concessions and the other side that regards those concessions as an opportunity for continued violence and to build tunnels to smuggle in weaponry and to turn its land into a launch pad to rain missiles on civilians. You have one side that tries to protect its civilian population and broadcasts warnings of its impending attacks at the expense of conceding any surprise element and the other that has no qualms about cynically putting its civilians into harm’s way as human shields for the PR value of exhibiting their bodies when they are killed in a collateral fire incident! You have one side that accepts a two state solution and the other side that does not recognize the right of the other side to even exist. I challenge you to show me any proof of your claim that Hamas has ever endorsed a two-state solution. It is simply untrue and one of the root causes of the present problem. In fact Hamas is very proud of being a rejectionist organization. Only Israel and the PLO under President Abbas, among the Palestinian leadership have accepted a two-state solution. Hamas has denounced such views as treasonous and deserving of death! You have one side that does not hesitate to preach violence even to the youngest of its children to perpetuate hatred (the pictures of little kids allegedly wanting to die as martyrs and being dressed in make-believe explosive belts are all over the Internet) and the other side that is trying to instill civilized values into its children, so that the cycle of hatred will not be perpetuated. You have one side that does not hesitate to justify its blood feud with religious quotations from the more extreme tracts of the Quran that describes its enemies as apes and pigs and organizes demonstrations where banners read “go back to the ovens” and “death to the Jews” and the other side that remembers only too well the devastating consequences of such unbridled racist hatred and repudiates it at every opportunity. You have one side that tries to use the channels of diplomacy to secure a cease fire and the other side that openly declares that any such truce is just a lull in the ongoing struggle and an opportunity to rebuild its forces to continue its acts of violence. You have one side that has used the last 60 years to build a democratic and civil society that respects the rule of law and in which all its citizens can participate economically and the other side that cannot even find common cause within its own population and has succeeded in splitting it into even smaller and weaker factions.

    If Hamas cannot even live together with Fatah, how can one expect them to take their place in the community of nations and agree to live in harmony with Israel or the rest of the world? Yet despite all the evidence to the contrary, you Mr. Hamilton seek to foster and perpetuate the sterile attitudes of Palestinian victimhood that have caused past Israeli leaders to voice their disappointment with the wry observation that the Palestinians have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity! Faced with the option that Hamas wants, namely that Israel’s choices are to commit national suicide or to vacate their entire land, how can one be surprised that this state of violence has continued for so long. No country in the world can accept the outcome that Hamas wishes to see imposed on Israel. I know in this asymmetric political situation, which side most civilized and thinking individuals and countries should choose to support but you Mr. Hamilton have chosen to support the other! That is both a shame and shameful but it does make clear how little weight should be ascribed to your views!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I truly sympathize with the civilians because they are not Israel’s enemies, but are paying the price because they are a human shield for Hamas (whose covenant includes the destruction of Israel) which has stockpiled weapons in the most densely populated areas.
    Please see these clips which give a better picture of what the Hammas really is-a hatred-producing machine

  4. Tamar says:

    Not everything is as simple as it seems. Watch how media is staged by Palestinians.

  5. Nikki G says:

    This entire article is absolutely false.

    It’s so smeared with lies that I almost fell off my chair in laughter from reading the blatant lies.

    Hamas ended the cease-fire a day before it was set to expire.

    Only with a serious and moderate peace partner such as Fatah can there be peace. Israel just wants to live in peace side by side with its neighbors.

    Hamas and Hezbollah do want and will go to the great length of sacrificing their own people in order to see Israel’s destruction.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who says Israel is the party that doesn’t want peace in this conflict is ignorant of the recent history of the middle east.
    Israel is being continuously threatened by the Palestinian terrorist organizations – who, sadly, threaten their own people just as well. Mr. Hamilton, clearly every withdrawal by the Israeli army was followd by attacks on Israeli civilians.
    The Hamas states that it wants nothing more than the destruction of Israel. Why should anyone, including its own people, believe that it in any way wants peace?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This article is full of lies, probably intentionally.

    After Israel left Gaza, destroying the homes of 8,000 peaceful Jewish civilians in order to prove to the world that Israel wanted to give the “Palestinians” an opportunity to live in peace beside Israel, the Arab occupants of Gaza responded by firing thousands of rockets into Israeli cities, murdering many Israeli civilians. The author calls this “militarily insignificant” as if the destruction of a family’s home and the murdering of its occupants is insignificant.

    The “cease fire” was one-sided, observed only by Israel. During this period, the Arabs continued to bomb Israeli communities, murdering more Jews. They kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit and are holding him without giving any information to his family regarding his health or status. This is pure, cruel torture.

    Hamas was democratically elected by the “innocent” civilians for the express purpose of continuing their violent and murderous attacks against Jews. Anyone who calls these sponsors of murder “innocent” needs to consult a dictionary.

    In the end, the Jewish people will triumph, as they have against all their enemies throughout the last two-millenia and Islamo-Nazism will fade away into the garbage heap of history together with the Nazi’s, pogroms, crusades, inquisitions and all the other gentile attemtps to destroy the Jewish people.

  8. Abe Ariew says:

    I know that facts are not that relevant in your article, but you should be aware of some, at least:
    = Israel has pulled out from the Gaza strip in 2005
    = In this time, the world community has poured millions of dollars and Euros into Gaza to establish services like education, health, welfare, commerce, and industry.
    = This great opportunity (some people expected Gaza to be “Singapore of the middle east..) has been wasted, for nothing has been accomplished except producing weapons, smuggling arms, training militants, and building rockets to attack the cities of Israel
    = In 2006, Hamas was elected to rule Gaza, killing many Previous Fatah officers. Hamas is a terror organization, which declares its goal is to destroy the state of Israel and kill all Jews (Just few words from the Hamas Covenant, which I’m afraid you’ve read: :”..our war with the Jews is pan-Islamic…the goal is JIHAD [holly war] by any Muslim in the world against the Zionists…. The war will end until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them all, until Jews will hide behind a rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will say “oh muslim, the sun of God, there’s a Jew behind me, come over and kill him”..)
    =During that period, more than 8,000 rockets were launched on Israeli cities: in 2008 alone, more than 3,500 rockets were launched (this includes the 6 months of HUDNA agreement, one of many Arabic word for ‘ceasefire’, none of them means “stop shooting”… what you call “they wanted peace”..).
    = During that period, the international community never asked them to report of what had been done with the money, nor demand them to stop terrorism
    = Israel has warned tens of times, that it will not tolerate this situation for ever: however, the Hamas assumed that the political situation jeopardize Israel from response
    Now look at the mirror, and ask yourself frankly: for how long would you expect your country to restrain from defending your family, when attacked by rockets on a daily basis? Is it more than a week? I doubt. But I’m sure it is NOT more than EIGHT YAERS…
    You need to know some fact, better BEFORE you write such a long article…
    I wish that you never be in a situation, where a siren lets you 15 seconds to hide in a shelter: you may calculate the daily count for 3500 per year 2008………………

  9. Anonymous says:

    The above comments constitute a sampler of Israel apologists. Nikki G’s are particularly exemplary in calling my assertions “absolutely false” and “blatant lies” without mentioning any examples. Others suggest I don’t know facts that I know quite well and interpret differently.

    In response, I refer to Ex-President Jimmy Carter’s op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post. He starts by saying, “I know from personal involvement that the devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided.” He goes on to detail the negotiations that led up to the
    initiation of the recent cease-fire. Carter states that “Hamas .. agreed to accept any peace agreement that might be negotiated . . provided it was approved by a majority vote of Palestinians. . or by an elected
    unity government.” Hamas stated in advance that the cease-fire would be for six months starting June 19th. Its purpose was obviously to
    encourage further steps toward peace. All rocket fire from Gaza did cease after that date.

    Hamas understood that Israel (who refused direct talks and communicated through the Egyptians) would at least allow
    humanitarian supplies to “be restored to the normal level that had existed before Israel’s withdrawal in 2005”. Yet, the actual increase “was to an average of about 20% of normal levels. And this fragile truce was partially broken on Nov. 4, when Israel launched an attack in Gaza.”
    When Hamas offered to extend the cease-fire in return for the partial lifting of the ongoing Israeli blockade of Gaza, the Israeli response was to offer to allow only 15% of the pre-2005 level of aid to enter Gaza. Naturally, Hamas rejected these insulting conditions.

    This series of events perfectly exemplifies how Israel consistently undermines efforts to achieve peace. First, they refuse to negotiate with legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people. Today it is Hamas. For many years, they refused to negotiate with the PLO, even going so far as to help create Hamas as an Islamist alternative to the
    secular PLO, all the better to substantiate the claim that Israel has no reasonable partner in negotiations. Secondly, they offer only alternatives they know are patently unacceptable. The most notorious example was during the 1999 peace effort sponsored by President Clinton and attended by the PLO’s Yasar Arafat and Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud
    Barak, now Israel’s defense minister. In those negotiations, Israel made “its most generous offer” of “95%” of the West Bank in return for peace and recognition. What was typically unreported was that thePalestinian
    land on the West Bank was to be bisected by Israeli settlements and Israeli-only roads leading to them patrolled by Israeli soldiers. No right of return and no Palestinian capital in Jerusalem. The result would have been Palestinian enclaves entirely dependent on and subservient to Israel, not unlike the apartheid era Bantustans in South Africa or American Indian reservations, not a contiguous or viable Palestinian state, and was, therefore, unacceptable. But if the offer had not been obviously unacceptable to the Palestinians, it wouldn’t have been offered in the first place.

    Israel does not want to negotiate peace because they are the
    beneficiaries of an ethnic cleansing campaign and, as the victors, they wish to enjoy the spoils. The spoils in this case are primarily the land and water of the West Bank, which many Zionists believe to be granted to
    them by God. Despite Israel making a great show of limiting the existing Israeli settlements there, they have grown steadily for many years. Removing or relinquishing them in a peace treaty would be a very messy
    operation, fanatically opposed by the settlers and their supporters,
    which the Israeli government seeks to avoid at all costs.

    Israel is the beneficiary of the status quo and seeks to maintain it. The rest of the world wants peace, so Israel must appear to endorse the concept. However, their actual “national interest” is to avoid any peace treaty since any such treaty would require them to lose what they have now. They hold the ground, they have the guns and, heretofore, they have
    always had the unswerving support of the US with its permanent seat in the UN Security Council and its veto. Hence, they only act like they’re negotiating in good faith when they are actually not. Now, there is some question in their minds as to whether the Obama administration will be as slavish as the Bush regime in supporting Israeli aggression.

    The timing of the current attack on Gaza was determined by two factors. First, to coincide with the February elections in Israel where the “centrists” are trying to fend off the war mongering Likud by showing how tough they are too. Secondly, they wanted to get it done before the January 20th inauguration of Obama, the one time friend of such people as the Palestinian scholar Rashid Khalidi, now head of Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia, who wrote an op-ed January 8th in the NY Times defending the Palestinians. Despite his protestations of fealty before the AIPAC convention, Obama is not considered fully reliable to them.

    The principal political result of the current massacre of Palestinians will be the further diminution of good will toward Israel and of its moral authority in the global community. With the exception of the support of the US, Israel has long been diplomatically isolated, as exemplified by numerous near unanimous votes against it in the UN General Assembly over many years.

    If Obama the pragmatist, seeking an actual solution, is forced by realities on the ground to move toward an even slightly more balanced approach, Israel will stand alone. Perhaps that was foreshadowed yesterday, when the UN Security Council voted 14 to 0 in calling for an “immediate and durable ceasefire” and the US only abstained. Despite that, Israel will struggle on against the threat of peace until the combination of worldwide condemnation and sanctions shame them into accepting provisions that have been evident since 1967.

    David Hamilton
    Austin MDS

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed to see how inteligent people can see so differently on the same theme.

    After the second world war the world changed dramaticly, new borders was drawn, new contries was created. In the middle east we saw Jordan, Israel, Libanon etc. These boarders, and others, has been discused ever since. Why? Different religions in different countries.

    Some believe that their religion is better and more true than others. It is like saying that green is the most beautiful color in the world and who ever says something else are wrong.

    We all have the right to have our own religion, our favorite color etc. Once that we all can respect this there might be a chance that we can live in peace – regardless of the name of our country.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Much of the world just loves to accuse Israel of the “Gaza siege” while ignoring that Egypt also has a Gaza border! Giant Egypt should have long since opened its Gaza border to end the siege and save its brothers, just as tiny Israel took in nearly a million Jews kicked from Arab states.

    Instead, Egyptian border troops forced back thousands of Gazans who got thru a couple months back. And now they shoot at those who do get past Hamas to slip into Egypt.


    High time the world wakes up to Egypt’s side of the Gaza siege.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hamas took over Gaza. This act was accompanied, of course, by butchering their brothers from Fatah. Where were the “human rights” activists ? Where were the global demonstrations against killing innocent Palestinians ? After establishing their regime, the Hamas leaders outlined their vision of the future. They are doing this in Arabic, because international media may not like message – only we Israelis have to live (or better die) with it: There is no place for Jews here. They should go back to their countries of origin. As if all Palestinians were born on the soil of Israel. Many family trees of Palestinians go back to origins in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and many other Arab countries. All the rest of the Jews should be killed, even those hiding behind trees and rocks – a phrase popular among Palestinian kids…According to the words of Hamas leaders (again, in Arabic….), we Jews are fighting for our lives – AND INDEED WE DO !

  13. Anonymous says:

    For the Past three years, Hamas has fired over 6000 rockets into Israel. These rockets are targeted at the innocent civilians in the city of Sderot. Almost three times a day, men, women, and children, find themselves with 15 seconds to run and find shelter before a rocket fired by Hamas hits their hometown. To view Hamas as anything but a terrorist group is to be a incredibly blind to the facts of this conflict. Israel seeks only peace, but has every right to defend itself from the violence of such terror groups.

  14. Daniel says:

    Want to know why you’re having a lot of comments? I reached your blog post thru an Israeli website putting media links and saying “Comment for Israel to win the minds”..! Do they want to put a counter for how many stones thrown at them by helpless kids, although they have the world’s strongest channels, and the world’s most supported army!?

  15. Sami says:

    I just passed by a post that shows Gaza terrorists which Israel is defending itself from:

    OMG, look how huge their bodies are!

  16. Anonymous says:

    “Hamas (حماس Ḥamās, an acronym of حركة المقاومة الاسلامية Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamat al-Islāmiyyah, meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”) is a Palestinian Sunni Islamist paramilitary organization and political party which holds a majority of seats in the elected legislative council of the Palestinian National Authority…Hamas’ charter calls for the recapturing of the State of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian Islamic state in the area that is now named Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.[5] Hamas describes its conflict with Israel as political and not religious[6] or antisemitic.[7] However, its founding charter, writings, and many of its public statements[8] reflect the influence of antisemitic conspiracy theories”.

    Anyone who thinks Hamas wants peace and quiet in the area is nothing but ignorant, EVERYTHING they do is in the purpse to conquer back Israel. It is in their defenition. so please, stop protecting terror, unless you also have an interest in war.

  17. Anonymous says:

    On your first lesson as a investigator, you’ll learn to look for the goals, the interest: in this conflict, you don’t have to dig to much – you just have to read:
    Israel is seeking peace so much, that it is ready to pay with its land for it. Israel has be rocketed for eight years – and tried every possible non-military mean to stop it: the last was a six month HUDNA (one of the Arabic fake ‘ceasefire’, which resulted in 3500 rockets in 2008 ..): during this period, Hamas has added 40 km rockets to the previous 20km ones, hitting more Israeli cities:
    How long would YOU accept rocketing your city?
    Israel has no other choice, unfortunately.
    Does Hamas want peace?
    Just read: they say it, they sing it, they shout it:
    The HAMAS Covenant holds more than 10,000 words: more than 90% of them are focused on the destruction of the state of Israel and the extermination of Jews!
    Few examples are :”..our war with the Jews is pan-Islamic…the goal is JIHAD [holly war] by any Muslim in the world against the Zionists…. The war will end until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them all, until Jews will hide behind a rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will say “oh muslim, the sun of God, there’s a Jew behind me, come over and kill him…… the land is holly and belongs only to muslims, and we’ll fight until it is returned to muslims and mosques all over it will announce the Islamic state……….. the only solution to the problem is by Jihad [holly war]…

  18. יניב says:

    David Hamilton may be a reporter but he doesn’t understand whet he is reporting about.
    once the hamas took over Gaza the first thing they did was murder some of their rivals from the Fatach – some were shot some were thrown from rooftops, very democratic and liberal.
    the second thing they did was build a network of ~300 tunnels below the Egyptian border to smuggle into Gaza medicine ? food ? literature ? wrong on all 3 accounts, they smuggled in tones and tones of arms. that is extremely confidence building and reassuring to Israel. also you are brushing off the rockets on south Israel, have you ever been shot at ? heard an air-raid siren ? your house under fire for 8 years ? its very easy to shrug it off when it happens to someone else. i seem to remember that england went to war because of a stupid little Island at the back door of another country more than half way around the world. PLEASE DONT BE a HYPOCRITE and a stupid one at that .

  19. יניב says:

    here is why there is now way we can talk to these people. a hamas “fighter” used a child as a shield

  20. dror.y says:

    “The cease fire failed because Israel does not want peace”?!

    This is, of course, a great distortion. The Europeans are willing to believe to the Palestinians lies but not to accept the truth by the Jews.

    Who killed innocent citizens in suicide bombs in buses and restaurants – in the middle of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?

    who are firing rockets into civilian populated sites as a routine for the last 8 years?

    If the palestinians want peace, they would accept the existence of Jewish state in the middle east and stop fighting it. If they won’t they can fight to death – but it would be their death, cause we are not going to go anywahere.

    Dror, Sderot – Israel

  21. ii says:

    Most of the above comments were orchestrated by the Israeli based website. It’s an impressive operation. They list many articles critical of Israel to which they want their readers to respond. This article on theRagBlog is one of them. It is revealing that they now have so many such articles to which they feel it necessary to respond.
    David Hamilton

  22. Anonymous says:

    Some facts about muslims living in London:
    1. A person who, rather than adopt western ways, chooses to adhere to a 3rd world peasant lifestyle except when it comes to Housing Benefit, free education etc.

    2.The ghetto-dwelling primitives who bring a little piece of the 3rd world to a town near you.

    3. A race of people who are remarkable only for the fact that their ‘culture’ brings absolutely nothing positive to the host nation they infest.

    4. A race of people utterly bereft of any idea of fair play, decency, truthfulness or honesty.

    5.Brutal oppressors of women.If I were to treat my wife or daughter like the average Arab treats his, I would be arrested within a week.

    6. Serial fondlers, abductors, assaulters and rapists of white girls. Ask any Policeman who trusts you (not to get him sacked for telling the truth!)

    7. The people who my children will be fighting in a Balkan-style power struggle in the near future.

    8. A protected minority who can say and do what he likes with impunity, but when crticized, has the power to get you thrown into jail.
    20 years ago, the Arabs lived in a square mile round Norbury Street.

    They are now half way down Mottram Road.

    20 years from now?

  23. ברק says:

    I would like to as k the readers: would you support “peace” with a terror organization that sits 10 miles away from your home, and bring up a “peace” agreement that basically says they can continue increase their lunching abilities?
    Would you like a terror army to continue purchase missiles to hit your children at school?

    I want to remind you all that israel DID NOT open this war.
    Israel left gaza strip back in 2005, hoping the Hammas would use their blood money in order to build a better future for the palestinians. Instead, Hammas used this money (donated by europe and Israel itself!) to buy rockets, weapons, to booby-trap palestinian schools, kindergartens, hospitals and religion center with explosives.

    It is time to stand up for democracy, for free life, for peace and stop the Hammas.

    Just notice how Arab countries don’t support Hammas in this war. Maybe, they know something many people in Europe or America refuse to see?

  24. Anonymous says:

    “here is why there is now way we can talk to these people. a hamas “fighter” used a child as a shield”

    …and then the Jew shot the child-shield?

    Come on! Israel is defending itself, yes, but are they using over-exaggerated media propaganda, and keeping Western reporters out of Gaza to support their image? Hell yes!
    Hey! You Jews responding to Hamilton’s blog, on your writing campaign to support your propaganda, what was that story again about our Cynthia McKinney’s journey to Gaza with some other foreign aid workers who almost lost their lives in the sea?? That story was conveniently buried from the mainstream media. Speaking of propaganda and criminal activity,
    do you know that the illegal eavesdropping that our corrupted US administration takes part in is routed through an Israeli company? Yes, I heard it on NPR.
    Yeah, I’m feeling very secure now.
    To be clear, I don’t believe in good and evil, and don’t see in black and white. In the case of EXTREME Muslims that want to see Jews dead, and EXTREME conservative orthodox Jews who want to see their opposition dead, I DO NOT AGREE with either! Religion is the route of ALL EVIL and the cause of ALL WAR as far as I’m concerned!
    I know there are good moderate civilians on both sides of this battle who are being murdered needlessly because of some extremely twisted ideas and beliefs.
    To you Jews on your propaganda writing campaign here:
    What’s this about obtaining long-ranged missiles from the US to send into Iran now?? And what?? The Bush administration said “NO”?? At least that’s what they said for the public’s sake…lets see what kind of deals they make behind our backs.
    Bush wanted a religious war, he started it in Iraq with the conservative Jew’s blessing or encouragement (or arm twisting, whatever), so what did we expect to happen? Do you think things might settle down once we pull Bush’s “Christian”, I mean Shadow Army out of Iraq?

  25. Shmueli says:

    I wrote my point of view on the conflict in Gaza:

    Please read..


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