Gaza : The Pictures Tell the Story

An explosion from an Israeli missile strike in the northern Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian man cries over the body of his son following an Israeli air strike in Gaza December 27, 2008.

In pictures: Massacre in Gaza
December 27, 2008

After announcements that a decision whether to increase the military attack on the Gaza Strip would be made tomorrow, Sunday, Israeli forces instead launched a major operation today.

The Israelis killed 150 Palestinians with more expected to die. The Israeli government says it is just the beginning.

Bodies of Palestinian Policemen killed in the Israeli airstrike.

For more pictures from the Israeli assault on Gaza, go to Uruknet.

Also see Two waves of Israeli airstrikes kill 205 Palestinians / Ma’an News Agency.

And Massive demonstrations in Jordan against Israel’s Gaza attack / M&C / Middle East

Thanks to S. M. Wilhelm / The Rag Blog

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9 Responses to Gaza : The Pictures Tell the Story

  1. Larry Piltz says:

    May the world’s conscience be moved to mourn the losses, forgive the trespasser, and then take whatever means are necessary to end the continuing Irgun massacres by any other name.

    Not in our names and not in our time.

  2. Saar Grin says:

    mourn the loss of 200 hamas terrorists?
    where was the world’s conscience when these people were shelling israeli settlements for the last 8 years?

  3. richard jehn says:

    Saar Grin: your twisted logic tells me that since we are calling Palestinian civilians, including children, Hamas terrorists, then it follows that the 3000 people in the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were also terrorists, just Democratic and Republican ones.

    Saar Grin, you are so ignorant of the facts that you would do well to stick with right-wing blogs. They don’t bother with facts there, much more suited to your bad taste.

  4. asoom says:

    Saar, were the children and old people and whole families also on your terrorist list? Humans of one nation aren’t more valuable than humans of another

  5. Anonymous says:

    How many Israeli civilians have died in these so-called attacks on Israeli settlements?
    How many of the 250+ people that have died in Gaza over the course of the last 24-hours are part of the ‘Hamas terrorists’?
    And who are you to classify who is worthy of mourning and who is not?

  6. FD1 says:

    Its as simple as identifying the targets: Israel attacks militants while Hamas attacks Israeli citizens. Its not about keep ing a score of the dead on each side its realizing Hamas would loved to have killed more than 300 Israelis if they could. Just imagine if the palastinians had a fleet of F-15s with bombs; more than 300 Israelis would be deads.

  7. FD1 says “Israel attacks militants while Hamas attacks Israeli citizens.”

    Here are two snips from The New York Times story, Dec. 28, 2008.

    “Some of the Israeli missiles struck in densely populated areas as students were leaving school, and women rushed into the streets frantically looking for their children… The center of Gaza city was a scene of chaotic horror, with… women shrieking as dozens of mutilated bodies laid out on the pavement… The dead included civilians [and children]…”

    And, concerning the Palestinian rocket attacks to which this was allegedly a response: “…the public has grown anxious over the rocket fire, which is disturbing for those who live near the Gaza border. The attacks have caused no recent deaths and few injuries.

  8. Nachman says:

    Anyone with half a brain realizes that the vast majority of world violence is caused by Islamists. When Arab terror comes knocking on YOUR door, be sure to thank Israel for teaching your leaders how to kick butt and protect their citizens.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you nachman….

    Your point about “half brain” knowledge of violence which is, according to you majorly Islamisist- is exactly that- half brained.

    Some individuals are either suffering from serious moral blindness or just plain ignorance.

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