Gender Neutral PTSD

I still find it unfathomable that modern society cannot eliminate warfare from the lexicon.

Women face emotional wounds of war
By SHARON COHEN, AP National Writer Sun Dec 3, 3:54 PM ET

CHICAGO – The nightmares didn’t start until months after Alicia Flores returned home. The images were stark and disturbing: In one dream, a dying Iraqi man desperately grabbed her arm. In another, she was lost in a blinding sandstorm.

Sometimes, Flores awakened to discover her mouth was dust-dry — as if she were really stumbling through the scorching, 120-degree desert.

The nightmares bring Flores back to Iraq, and her service in the Army’s 92nd Chemical Company. She was just 19 when her unit arrived there. Now 23, she’s left with memories of women and children being killed, of hauling bodies, of shooting a teenage Iraqi fighter. (“It was him or me,” she says.)

“I’m fine with what I did over there …,” Flores says. “In my eyes, I did a good thing. It really doesn’t bother me. The only thing that bothers me is I just want to sleep more.”

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